PSi: God of War III Preview - Kratos is Back and Bloodier Than Ever

PSi writes: "The release of God of War III will be here before we know it, but to whet our appetites, SCEA is releasing their E3 Demo. While I got to play it at E3, this demo is actually far longer than what I had the opportunity to experience, so I am glad to get to pursue this area further. Once again, we control the Spartan warrior Kratos, only this time, he not only wields the Blades of Athena and comes rocking Icarus' wings, but he's also got a new toy - the Cestus. The Cestus are a pair of metal gloves, for lack of a better term, that are shaped like a lion's head and the damage that they do is about on par with an angry lion running thorugh an obstacle. They are serious weapons and will be Kratos' new best friend when he encounters tough enemies or obstacles."

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Socomer 19793327d ago

Dont talk about god of war 3 until its about 3 days from release.
we dont need any unwanted attention to get god of war 3 edited and censored.

God of war needs to remain a guarded secret that we hardcore gamers know about. once released, go sell it to the masses as the most vicous, violent, sadistic, merciless, brutal, sick and twisted Action Game ever created on this earth.

SHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !