Get Splashed: Console Fanboys

Jim Clay of writes, "Why is it that everyone thinks that their console is better than all other consoles on the market? "Mine is better than yours because yours is different" seems to be the feeling around the gaming community. While some valid points are made, it boils down to being a fanboy of the console you own and not the facts. Here are some arguments that are made within gaming circles..."

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brandynevils3330d ago

My N-Gage is better than yours

VenerableBmoney3330d ago

If there was a way to pretend I didn't see this post, I'd do it. N-Gage belongs not in any gaming discussion. Along with that thumbtack sized Gameboy they called a Micro, or whatever.

Saaking3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Yep, xbox fanboys are the worst. they let MS get away with almost anything. They don't even complain or try to get better stuff. In short, they settle for less. perhaps if the 360 user base would actually fight for better quality MS would improve.

taco_tom2373329d ago

i guess nobody liked my comment oh well lol

ABizzel13329d ago

So having all the systems mean I must have a jumbo penis. Checking..... It's true it's true.

TotalPS3Fanboy3329d ago

"Why is it that everyone thinks that their console is better than all other consoles on the market?"

Because the PS3 is actually better than all other consoles on the market.

It only does *everything.

*except Cross-Game-Chat because EA c*ckblock Cross-Game-Chat.

Boob3329d ago

Do you even read what you write, or do you just babble? Here's an article stating why fanboys are so disliked, and you come in here with your posterboy fanboy attitude. Get over yourself. Each system has it's faults and merits. You're just too blind to see it.

Halo3 MLG Pro3329d ago

LMAO @ SAAKING, thanks for giving this article an example.

HAHAHA! That was great.

lh_swe3329d ago

You are the same so I fail to see what you think is soo funny.

HDgamer3329d ago

He pretty much proved the article right, Thus Halo 3 MLG fanboy bashes all ps3 games and has never played either of them. His ignorance of the situation is funny.

sikbeta3329d ago

Now that is really funny

Halo3 MLG Pro saying to Saaking thanks for giving this article an example, like he isn't a mad fanboy lol


No, my N-gage is better than yours XP

SL1M DADDY3329d ago

Well Jim, let me explain my own personal reasons for saying the PS3 is the best. I can sum it up in four letters. RROD. I have had 5 Xbox 360's die on me and have seen countless others die on my friends. My clan has moved over to the PS3 due to the unreliability of the 360 and thus given us reason to say the PS3 is the best of the three available consoles. It's not about being a fanboy, it's about being a consumer and one that wants quality products. Can you wrap your mind around that or is that too tough for you to understand?

edgeofblade3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

It's not so much FANboys that suck... it's the HATEboys. It's those people who can't stand people being happy with a product they don't like. What kind of fu&ked up is that?

@SL1M DADDY: The day Microsoft stops fixing my Xbox for free is the day I drop it for the PS3.

SL1M DADDY3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Sorry, but that is just so typical of an Xbox fanboy. You are willing to dump money into a console that you know will break down and you will continue to support a company that knowingly and willingly sold you a console that was, is and will always be defective. Good on you, you are part of the problem.

So how does MS reimburse you for all the weeks you missed out on Live when your console was at MS getting it's shoddy repairs?

darthv723329d ago

Well, in my situation with RROD, MS compensated me with a free game. I got the game Undertow for free which is kind of ironic seeing as it was the demo for that game that caused my RROD.

Really funny situation. Only happened once and the game plays great along with all other games I have purchased since then. So speaking for myself, I got a free game out of it. I dont think MS does this same compensation anymore (this was back in early 07).

On topic: is it wrong to be a fanboy of the games instead of the console? I have loved playing games on all consoles new and old.

ABizzel13329d ago

Too bad, I guess all the disagree's mean everyone isn't as blessed as I am.

iceman063329d ago

Or MAYBE we just weren't blessed with MICROSCOPIC vision!!!*LOL*

I kid....sometimes!?!?!

ABizzel13328d ago


Oh you need to zoom out to get it all in sight.

I kid :)

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mau643330d ago

I own all and love them all in their own way.

I love my PS3... so powerful yet so quiet

I love my 360... the bart simpson of consoles. Acts up on you at times but you still love it

I love my Wii... with its old technology and pretty blue light.

VenerableBmoney3330d ago

My SNES is better than your basketball.
Besides, N4G is the epitome of a fanboy site. The flamewars here are unlike any I've seen. Hopefully this comedy-satire will ring true. We're all human, have preference, and defend it- but the truth is we are all unified under the "gamer" banner. Hear us roar!! (or at least click out triggers and sticks in unison...)

Maddens Raiders3329d ago

he think these are flamewars?
You smell brand new.... if you want to see some flamewars then you need to take a ride with me and the Prince in the time machine....back to a primordial and violent N4G where only the strong survived.

You post-format war kids never cease to amaze me. 8D

sikbeta3329d ago

I used to say the same thing, but fanboy-wars is everywhere, even in NeoGaf, a supposedly site without a vestige of fanboysm, but when I read there see cry babies, whiners, and fanboys in disguise

If you know a videogame site without fanboysm tell me please, the more "normal" site I know is, but is like to be objective you can't say you like your console and always have to complain with something or you are pointed as a fanboys

iceman063329d ago

I am a teacher...and I have witnessed fanboy wars in SCHOOL!!! Once it actually resulted in a REAL fight. Kids were suspended for 10 days for a REAL console war...that was TRULY pathetic.

CheatsMcGee3330d ago

Exactly! We are gamers, let us unite and game! I wish I could own all of them, but it's the money issues, ya know?

VenerableBmoney3330d ago

Money, indeed. Even with a decent job, I only own my 360 and a few retros. I'm not opposed to the PS3, just can't afford one and the Xbox owned my heart before the PS2 did. The opposite is surely true for some others.

A difference of opinion: human nature.

mau643330d ago

agree, lets stop the hating people lol... that will never happen

VenerableBmoney3330d ago

Wishful thinking never hurt anybody. I always dreamed of cross-platform multiplayer. Impossible to enact without the corporations going insane from a financial standpoint. Still, that would alleviate some of the stress of fanboy-ism.

BeckyWagner3330d ago

I can honestly say I don't find one console better or worse than the next. Put a controller in my hand, a game in the console, tell me how to play and I will do my best to not completely suck at it! I get ridiculed at my lack of gaming talent no matter the console and quite frankly I don't care, if I'm having fun then I'm happy with whatever!