Deus Ex creator + John Woo = Ninja Gold

Industry luminary Warren Spector and action-movie director John Woo are collaborating on a videogame called Ninja GoldIt reports that the game is set in modern-day, focussing on a ninja warrior who is "part of a centuries-old legacy and bloodline" and "forced to confront the reality of covert warfare in the modern world".

It's additionally reported that Ninja Gold is being made into a movie, with John Woo to direct and produce and Warren Spector to act as executive producer. Spector said that, with Ninja Gold, his thought from the start "was to develop something that would work just as well in games as in movies, and I know John was thinking along the same lines".

Which platforms Ninja Gold is coming out on, is not known at this point, but PS3, 360 and PC are probably the most likely.

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Robotz Rule4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Really love that story pic of the cat and dog going one on one!

Funny as hell!

Maldread4216d ago

Hehe i know. Like your avatar too, Bender`s the man.. or robot manbot i suppose.

Wonder what type of game this will turn out to be though, could turn out good

tplarkin74216d ago

This could be a cool game. It's a surprising collaboration between Specter and Woo.

Rhaigun4216d ago

I love the Deus Ex series, but everything with John Woo's name attached to it has either been cancelled or seriously delayed. Here's hoping.

MK_Red4216d ago

OMG, Two gods working together. Director of Killer and Face/Off working with creator of Deus Ex and Thief!!!

InMyOpinion4216d ago

Sounds too good to be true...almost =)

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