62 PSOne Classics We Want On PSN

Easily one of the coolest features that PSN boasts is its growing library of downloadable PSOne games. Playable not just on the PS3 but also on the PSP, the selection has grown to include some of the original PlayStation's most prominent titles, including Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. With even more awesome games already confirmed to be on the way, the future of PSN is looking great and GamesRadar couldn't help but think of a few more games that would help to sweeten what's already a great deal.

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MaximusPrime3325d ago

i remember playing all Colony wars series.

yea i loved to see them on PSN.

Even better, do a remake. :)

Sangria3325d ago

All I want is a Team Buddies remake on PSN, especially since Psygnosis became Sony Liverpool 10 years ago :(

johnmark19823325d ago

played many of those games. i am sure many of those games will come to the psn store seeing as many of them are already out on the japanese store

darthv723325d ago

Battle arena toshinden and philosoma FTW!

I heard rumblings there is a new toshinden game for the wii ???WTF???

DeejayTai3325d ago

BAT was dope given the technology at the time.

Handhelds_FTW3325d ago

The Wii title doesn't even have one character from the PS series, so its an auto fail if you ask me.