Final Fantasy XIII's Hope Estheim Gets His Own Summon

Final Fantasy Union: "The latest edition of Jump Magazine reveals that Hope Estheim's associated summon will be Alexander. This means that almost all of the playable characters have had their summons revealed."

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reintype3327d ago

This is what I got after clicking the SOURCE: PAGE NOT FOUND Unfortunately the URL that you type in (or came to via a link) doesn't actually exist on our server. Please feel free to use the search box below in order to search the site. Or just use the navigation up above, or to the right.

this is the right link:

Unfortunately it does not say much, not even the of the Summon nor an Image.

mephman3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

The link works fine for me?

ShawnCollier3327d ago

I wonder what the Geshalt (sp?) form for it will be?

mephman3327d ago


It should be pretty amazing. Alexander is usually rather huge.