Hands-On: Left 4 Dead 2 Scavenge Mode (resumeplay)

resumeplay - Left 4 Dead 2 has been trying to prove its worth since it was announced back at this year's E3. This time round Valve is now offering five new campaigns and two new game modes, one of which is Scavenge mode. So when I saw that Eurogamer had this mode ready to play (as Survivors or Infected), I would of gladly hit several people with a frying pan to play it.

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mau643327d ago

I still can't get over all the buzz that this game is too soon. Now I'm in the category of receiving games quickly, but seriously, the first one was so bare bones. if this one is around the same thing, it won't be getting a buy from me.

Ziriux3326d ago

Whats wrong with it being too soon, it offers enough new to keep me and many satisfied and i'm sure just as with the previous one you will have fun and the dev. will support the game heavily like with the first.

mau643326d ago

me personally, I didn't care too much for the first one. I play games at odd times when my friends aren't on. Now I'm sure I would have gotten into it if I would play online more but I just didn't. Other games took my interest away from it.

VenerableBmoney3326d ago

Mau, I was surprised at how much fun this game was even with random people online. Although it's always more fun to have friends, sometimes it's nice to just unplug your mic and wander with a new group. Plus, sometimes you get a ringer who you can ride all the way to some new achvs! :)

CheatsMcGee3327d ago

God the demo for this hit Xbox Live. I can't freaking wait to try it.

ezcex3327d ago

but i guess people are different.

mau643327d ago

I agree with you on this, although I still have not played it yet. I'll give it a shot but I think I will be disappointed, didn't really get into the first one so much.

Ziriux3326d ago

How can you be disappointed about a game that offers the best co-op?

AliTheBrit193326d ago


There are a lot of mediocre, Meh games

Left 4 Dead 2, couldn't be one of them type of games if it tried :)

VenerableBmoney3327d ago

I say anyone who wants this game boycotted because it's not "original" enough as a sequel or it's rushed out is ignoring the fact that we're talking about one of the most renowned game studios in history.

Valve won't ruin it. It isn't in their blood.

mau643327d ago

yeah thats the whole other side of the story... it's Valve.

Ziriux3326d ago

Valve doesn't care they know it's a great game.

Baross20253326d ago

I heard it was very similar the demo was pretty similar to the first.

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The story is too old to be commented.