President of Gearbox questions Valves lack of PS3 support

Speaking with OPM in the UK, Randy Picthford has questions the motives behind the discussion not to support the PS3 by Vavle. Randy Picthford has worked with vavle in the past, and gave his opinion on the PS3 to the magazine. He states..

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Fishy Fingers3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Good for him, I love Valve, being a big PC gamer they've provided me with some of the best gaming experiences I've been lucky enough to enjoy, but it just seems as though their cutting their nose of to spite their face.

Problem now, after they're stupid jabs they're possibly scared to pick up the PS3 because this will make them look like douche bags in many peoples eyes.

While I'll never play their games on a console, I'm all for people playing games on whatever they want and I'd like to see them support us all.

thedisagreefairy3325d ago

that valve has used sleazy practices on the ps3.

his words not mine....although i do agree

njr3325d ago

Valve pretty much gimps or doesn't release anything not on PC. Sure you have the orange box on 360, but there are never any updates. Just stick with the PC platform when it comes to their games.

Blaze9293325d ago

The President of Gearbox should question their lack of testing on the PS3 version of Borderlands before questioning other's support of the platform.

Anyway, who cares why Valve doesn't want to do games on the PS3. Look at the comments here; read them then try to figure out where the PS3 market is for Valve if they suck so bad and their games are old and tired. So why should they bother? They don't want to develop on the PS3 then they don't want to - simple. Gabe apologized for any bashing done and Valve doesn't do it anymore.

No one is questioning Insomniac for why they don't want to develop on anything other than the PS3.

Elven63325d ago

Coming from a developer who hasn't been able to make a SINGLE PS3 game run properly at launch...

Also, Pitchford seems to want to attack Valve at every opportunity, I guess he's jealous that

A. No one supported him on his Steam argument.
B. Steam was responsible for a majority of BiA: HH sales since no one bought it. (and with good reason, it ran like crap on everything!)

presto7173325d ago

I've never been blown away be anything from valve so I dont give a f*ck what platforms they choose to support. If anything, now I just think they are retarded for all the crap they've said in the past.


kornbeaner3325d ago

But insomniac doesn't go around saying the 360 is trash. All valve did for the first 2 years of the PS3 cycle is trash Sony, the PS3, and its games. And is it a wonder why they don't talk sh!t about the PS3 anymore. Now that the PS3 has games up the ying-yang that are of far greater quality then anything developed by valve. What are they going to say when they got Uncharted 2, R & C, killzone 2 and other great games to shut up all their trash talk.

Cold 20003325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I cant believe that after two years you guys are still so bitter because of what Valve said about the PS3 especially since he's already apologised.

Moreover it sounds like he PERSONALLY hurt you all when he dissed the PS3...dont forget its only a chunk of plastic and electronics, it has no feelings at all.

Its behavior I cant understand because no matter how big a 360 fan I am, it wouldnt do me sh*t if it were the 360 that Valve treated this way.

I mean he dissed the ps3 TWO years ago, and so what ?! The ps3 isnt some kind of god as far as I know.

edit: Lol Blaze we had the same thought at the same time.

Blaze9293325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

"But insomniac doesn't go around saying the 360 is trash. All valve did for the first 2 years of the PS3 cycle is trash Sony, the PS3, and its games."

WHO CARES!? Are you Sony? Are you Microsoft? Are you Playstation? Are you Xbox? ARE YOUR FEELINGS BEING HURT!? NO, so WHY DO YOU CARE? That was more than 2 years ago!

Let them quarrel, bicker, and trash talk. At the end of the day, they still aren't developing games on the PS3.

xenogamer3325d ago

but maybe he needs to make games that dont have GAME BREAKING BUGS ON THE PS3 before he starts talking like this, i lost all my skill points and Weapon proficiency in borderlands with a level 37 hunter, 30 hours wasted, i have to start all over.

chaosatom3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

In conclusion Valve's ceo is a greedy pig.

StanLee3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Randy Picthford is starting to sound like a jealous a** and really should stop commenting on Valve and how they do business. Valve is an independent studio who can make games for whatever platform they like. I don't see him making the same comments about other independent developers who only make games for 1 platform. Randy's had a hard on for Valve and it has nothing to do with which platform they support and everything to do with the success they've had with Steam. Shut to fu*k up Randy! Valve as a company could do whatever the fu*k they want. It's their choice.

Edit @ PS3 fanboys

What Gabe said about the PS3 was what every developer was thinking at the time and many still do; The PS3 is a great piece of hardware but not for how developers make games. Forcing developers to relearn how to do their jobs is arrogant. Sony made the console and basically told developers to figure it out. Early support from Sony to developers was almost non-existant.

Edit @ below

Yeah he was a douche but he didn't have to pander to Sony so he spoke his mind. Denis Doak said the same thing but only after Haze bomb. He just sounded bitter.

Eddie201013325d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I've always thought it to be not appropriate for game developers to make comments like that on the various consoles. Just seems like bad business to me. Also Gabe was a former Microsoft employee, which may explain his fandoy comments.

Valve do great games, but there not doing anything that even comes close to stressing the current consoles. With the exception of the Left 4 Dead games, they usually take a very long time to get a game out. In my opinion the Left 4 Dead games are over priced and are not worth $60, good games not enough there to warrant the price.


Most developers were just saying that it was a powerful system but it was difficult to develop for, plain and simple. Gabe Newel said that it was worthless and they should (Sony) trash the PS3 and start all over, none of which was said in a professional manor.


All three versions of Borderlands had to be patched for online problems. And now all three versions work equally as well. Not the first time the Online portion of a game had to be patched or had problems out of the box. Can you say Gears Of War 2?

Proxy3324d ago

Time for the stirring PS3 fans to take some action and boycott Valve PS3 games.

RememberThe3573324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Insomniac doesn't work on other platforms because they don't have to. By working with Sony they have a constant flow of money, without Sony there would be a less secure situation. They don't have to worry about finding a new publisher or getting someone to support a new IP. It's a much simpler process. Besides, they put out a game a year; their a well oiled machine and they'll probably be bought by Sony in the future.

Valve, on the other hand, doesn't really any reason not to support the PS3. They're not being published by MS but they choose to only support their platforms. That's not even the problem though. The problem is their smug, condescending attitude toward the PS3 even though PS3 devs have been able to put out better all around games then Valve. You didn't ever hear about BioWare talking trash about the PS3

Now, don't get me wrong I love Half-Life and all, but their fanboys. They talk the talk but they don't walk the walk. Gade said that the PS3 should be scrapped and Sony should start over, yet that's the exact thing I thought when playing Left 4 Dead.

The Gearbox guy is right, there is something sleazy going on. Why on earth would you disenfranchise a potential group of consumers? Why would a corporation present themselves in such a disrespectful manner? How in the hell do they think that would benefit them?

You ask them why they care? Maybe they only own a PS3? Did you ever think of that? Why do you care that they care? Why did you comment? We're gamers who have opinions. That is what a comment section is for. Just as you don't care what Valve says, there are people who do. Maybe they feel like it's disrespectful. Maybe they feel like it's unprofessional for a multi-million dollar company to be burning bridges with possible consumer bases. I don't really know, but your defense of their comments seems rather odd.

EDIT: lol at me wall of text. (no one is going to read that...)

Xgamerzus3324d ago

With out the marketing they put into those shotty game they would be left in the dust.
Their tech is old , no one talks about their engines at all anymore.

They are surviving only because of the media hype and advertising they spend along with the Fanboy following they have from the PS3 'Jabbs"
all I can say is the Halflife,tech is showing its weakness & age, and as soon as latest ID tech5 is out and Cryengine,they will no longer have any hold in PC gaming..RIP Vavle.!!!FPS after FPS nothing new!!nothing new Hear move on..

Elven63324d ago

Eddie20101: I said "at launch", I really don't see what Gears of War 2 has to do with this considering how this argument is about Gearbox who on their own haven't been able to make a game run properly at launch on current gen consoles or in the case of BiA: HH, never.

vhero3321d ago

Valve and Turn 10 are nothing but a bunch of fanboy devs. Its shame they exist it really does and I am not saying they are because they only make 360 games. I don't think Bungie are fanboy devs nor Lionhead studios who are both 360 exclusive and made great games. They just come out with complete fabrications to cover up the fact there either lazy devs or in turn 10s case their game isn't gonna be as great as another instead of being a decent dev like Bungie and being honest with your fans. I seriously hope EA buys Valve up as it would make sense for them getting hold of the Steam engine etc.. and it would shut them up once and for all.

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ali3123325d ago

Valve games are not that bad i mean L4D is good but gets gets boring quickly. The source engine is also looking quite dated and their are better games coming out.

Valve need to adapt and change their strategies which includes the PS3, but I cannot see that happen really!

blackboyunltd3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

sounds like hate to me, valve knows what there doing

Cold 20003325d ago

I still dont see/understand whats so shocking with the fact that Valve arent interested with the PS3.

I mean dont they have a right to choose what platforms they develop for ?

macka3325d ago

valve does need to change abit, a new engine would be nice along with a new IP. After playing the LFD2 demo im severely dissapointed, its identical to the original, its still fun but nowhere near justifies a full game release.
And where the fish is Half-life episode 3 / Half Life 3.

Sevir043325d ago

clearly you dislike the ps3 and everything involved in it yet you find yourself in everything PS3 related sharing your "VIEWS". arent you tired?

Cold 20003325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Oh geez shut up already.

Put me on ignore if you are not happy.

Cold 20003325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

double post.

pippoppow3325d ago

You are getting a little out of control. It is true that you are in many PS3 related articles spinning and downplaying the PS3. I'm sure you love your 360 so why aren't you spending your time in 360 articles? Not enough good news on the 360 side for you? I'm sure there's an article stating MS is allowing a new web site to XBL or that a 360 multiplatform title is releasing soon which should get you excited to post in the 360 section.

Look, I loath the 360. MS has bought their disrespectful and unethical business practices to the console arena. Still not rectifying their poor quality build fully and charging gamers to play their games on line is shameful. I find their lack of real exclusives that stay exclusive amusing. Also MS closing down and losing 1st party Devs a statement of how much they value their fans. I could very well go into every 360 article spewing similar nonsense like you but don't because it isn't necessary. It makes one seem desperate. Like you.

vhero3321d ago

I agree left 4 dead does get boring extremely quickly theres nothing to it which is why i'm surprised so many people are excited for a sequel.

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nycredude3325d ago

It just seems like a stupid business decision imo not to support the Ps3. I mean i can understand it 2 years ago, but now with the installed base approaching 30,000,000 how can you NOT support it as a "game" developer?

Despite the bad press and the glitches I bought the Orange Box at full price when it released on the Ps3 and I wouldn't think twice about buying Halflife episode three or whatever they will call the next Halflife because all I care about is good games.

Oh well if they don't release it on Ps3 then I'll buy it for my 360, even though I prefer gaming on the Ps3.

STK0263325d ago

Indy devs can choose for which platform they develop their games. Before asking yourself how can Valve ignore a 30 million people market, ask yourself how insomniac can ignore a much bigger market (360 + PC combined), as they also are independant.

Valve is, and will likely always be, a Pc developper. They make PC games with the PC architecture in mind. Porting from PC to X360 is easy, very easy actually. Porting to the PS3 however, requires more work, as shown by Bayonetta for example. For Valve, to port a game to the X360 means little extra work, and big incomes.

If they dont want to develop games for the PS3, just let them be. Buy it on PC or on the 360, or just dont buy them at all.

vhero3321d ago

Insomniac are not ignoring the 360 market so your argument is pointless they clearly said they wouldn't mind making a 360 game but the games they have out right now the ip's are owned by Sony so stop chatting complete CRAP. Unlike MS Sony exclusives are real exclusives as unfortunately for MS since they also own the biggest OS in the world there exlcusive contracts cover Windows aswell as 360 as its an MS contract Not a 360 contract. Sony doesn't have a PC OS worldwide used. So Insomniac are not ignoring PC/360 gamers its impossible for them to release there big games on 360/pc thanks to publishing rights owned partially by Sony. Just like with Gears 1 & 2. Facts my friend FACTS.

Hated Greatness3325d ago

...Developers always have their opinions on consoles. They have always had their preferences. Why is it that people complain when a company doesn't want to work on the PS3, but cheer when they only want to work on it? I don't understand the bias. If Valve doesn't want to deal with the system, that is their choice. There are companies the prefer the PS3 and thus make great games on it. Accept it and move on. The only people who care about this are fanboys, and who about fanboys any way?

nycredude3325d ago

hated greatness

There is nothing wrong with choosing one console to support but Valve has talked trash about the other console at the same time. You don't here Insomniac talk trash about the 360, or Level 5, or any number of other 2nd party developers do what Valve has done.

It sounds like you don't really care about fanboys, so how come you are defending Valve, seeing as by their actions and crap talking they can easily be considered a fanboy developer.

3325d ago
cmrbe3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Gabe basically apologised and that should be the end of the matter. Weather they develop for the PS3 or not should be their right to excercise and PS fans should respect that.

PS already has alot of devs already. Its not like we PS fans are starved of PS exclsuives right?.

I am all for console exclusives and devs that push the limits of their respective platform of choice. That will ensure the best possible gaming experience for us gamers and why i will never want a single console gen. That will be a disaster.

From what i read, Gabe doesnt want to put out second rate versions of their games that will screw PS fans. I respect this alot. I respect devs that respect me as a gamer to not give me second rate bullcrap. Do PS fans want that?.

In the end, I think it has nothing to do with talent or resource or saving face. Rather, its a paradigm shift in game development that the PS3 game dev represent that Valve is not in support of.

Let it be.

sajj3163325d ago

My friend ... they are giving mixed messages then. If they really believed that they don't want 2nd rate versions on any platform ... why make the Orange Box for the PS3. EA gave them a sack of dollar bills and things change. Although that game was published and ported by EA Dev, it is a Valve game. It is a representation of a Valve product.

cmrbe3325d ago

Gabe did apologise to those PS fans that got burned with the Orange Box fiasco. That is when Gabe made it clear again why they don't want to do anything on the PS3 because they don't have the talent or resources to do a good enough job on the PS3.

The thing is it seems like everyone is trying to force Valve to develop on the PS3 when obviously they don't want to. If they do and another Orange box eventuate it will not be good for Valve or to us PS gamers. In fact i would be pretty pissed. As a PS gamer i don't want second rate crap on the PS3. Hey that's just me.

3325d ago
cmrbe3325d ago

You and me the same. Yes he did. The article was on N4G and from an interview about 3 months ago.

Originally i hated him for blasting the PS3 without doing anything on it then the whole Orange box PS3 disaster. As Randy said in this article. I was appaled when Valve distance themselves from the PS3 port and allowing PS3 fans to get screwed. That really did pissed me off.

He explained later that he didn't want to but was more or less forced to do so when they don't have the resources or talent to do so. I believe him because i was surprised that they announced a PS3 version as well for Orange box considering Valves stance on PS3 development. Thats why alot of people were calling them out as being lazy or that Sony should help them out. Truth is i know they can hire more people and definately have the talent. From my observation and this is just my opinion the problem is Gabe dosen't like where game dev is heading if the PS3 is sucessful.

I laugh at people that say they don't develop on the PS3 because they are lazy or are not talented. Lets not forget that they are one of the powerhouse in PC gaming and they after all did created HL.

ico923325d ago

i agree with you i mean i admit i am a bit dissapointed because it was a bit of a tease but if valve dont wanna develop for the ps3 they dont have to i mean look at the orange box it was a disaster and to this day i will not buy that game , and like you said valve didnt wanna make a ps3 port so really i would rather valve not make a game on the ps3 than make a sh!tty port

Bathyj3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I understand your post and respect your opinion, but really this is all Valves own fault.

They painted themselve into a corner and now have to stand there until the floor is dry.

They didn't want to get into the PS3 in the beginning because it was too hard for them. In the early days, a bright, handsome, young poster named Bathyj sectulated, any dev not doing their homework now on the PS3, was only going to have it tougher later when they realised there was a market for games on it, but they had been left too far behind on the technical curve.

Instead of complaining this was hard and that was wrong, they should have been getting help, which Sony seems only to happy to give, and then maybe they wouldn't be where they are now, to afraid to try to learn less everyone see what a poor job they've done with keeping up.

cmrbe3325d ago

I honestly don't think they were looking at making money from the PS3. Valve imo is content with what they have going on the PC with steam.

If you look at all PS3 exclsuive devs. Most have thrown away their codes from previous gens to start new on the PS3 this gen. It happend with ND, I.G and PD to name a few. To me this is what Valve really fears. Gabe when he bashed the PS3 made clear that he saw no value in producing for the PS3 because its a very new and different platform that will not allow them to use their investment in PS3 on anything else currently or in the future. I believe this is why Valve never produced for the PS2 as well.

I believe at the core valve dosent like where the PS3 is taking game development and really don't want to be a part of it. Valve just loves their source engine too much.

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