Win the Uncharted series and a PS3 with Pepsi

Sony and Pepsi have teamed up to deliver drinkers of the Cola brand free copies of Uncharted 1 and 2, plus a PlayStation 3!

You also have the chance to win just Uncharted 2: Among Thieves or the first comic episode.

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Its_The_Truth3326d ago

I Love Pepsi
I Love Uncharted
I Love PS3
Better than Mountain Dew
Better than Halo
Better than 360

My poem of the year

Sevir043326d ago

they are marketing the game on a Halo Level.. Looks like they intend to make this game sell radically because it's soo damn Good. Sony's Going back to marketing.. Its about damn time, even though those comercials awesome. "It only does Everything"

Soupdawg3326d ago

Only available in a handful of states.

cmrbe3326d ago

the first Soft drink advertise PS game. I wonder which PS game will be the first super bowl advertise game.