Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Daily Joystick Review

Scott from Daily Joystick writes: "Niko Bellic was a character, wasn't he? The angsty war-scarred European was a well-rounded character but he just didn't fit in with the Grand Theft Auto world. This becomes ever more apparent in Ballad of Gay Tony where you play Luis Lopez, a rather simple yet playful character (if you can call a murdering street thug 'playful', that is). Luis' is a Dominican bodyguard who works for Tony Prince (aka Gay Tony) and plays off as both ruthless gangster and business man in a way that manages to annoy both his family and his boss."

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Games_R_Us3326d ago

I am totally going to get this, but rather than download it, in Australia theres a Disc version that actually works out cheaper than buying the game, plus it doesn't require GTA4 disc to play either, so thats good.

Great review. I still miss the game not having Niko in it!