Aion - A Casual MMO Player's Impressions

AggroGamer: "Aion is the latest MMORPG from Korean developer NCSoft, and was quick to break pre-order records amongst MMO tiles with over 400,000 pre-ordered. Aion utilizes the Crytek engine and produces beautiful results. Aion takes place in the world of Atreia, and you choose one of two opposing races of humans. The Asmodyians come from the dark, underground world of Asmodae, and are more beast like creatures with claws for fingers and toes. The Elysian race, come from Elysia, which is more of the lighter side of Atreia.

No mater which race you choose, the basic leveling and quests are the same regardless. The only difference comes in the looks of the lands, people, monsters and other items. You begin as a normal human working your way through typical fetch or kill a certain number of enemies quests, which has become the MMO standard. Leveling from one to ten is actually fairly quick and relatively easy. Only a few quests will give you any trouble at all. Most will probably reach level 9 without finishing all the quests available to them. Once you have reached level 9, you begin your ascension quest to learn about your history as a Daeva and gain your wings."

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