New Xbox 360 Nascar 2008: Chase for the Cup screenshots

Electronic Arts have released some new screenshots from the Xbox 360 version of Nascar 2008: Chase for the Cup...

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USMChardcharger4188d ago

? that web site says those are new screens? those are the same ones that has been out. they are a little behind.
can't wait to finally be able to play a nascar game.

bluebrad19744188d ago

I can't wait do some Nascar racing on Live.

THWIP4188d ago

I suppose incorporating the new Car Of Tomorrow design took them longer than just regurgitating and porting the same crap normally does. :o

level 3604187d ago

No matter what everybody says - whether it's got good graphics and all... Nascar as a whole and a game is truly boring. The actual cars don't even look good. There's nothing to like about this series... going 'round and 'round to watch who cracks first and makes a big crash.