Folklore/FolksSoul PS3 Demo Confirmed

It was rumored a few days ago that there would be a demo of Folklore sometime in June well its been confirmed now and it's much earlier than that! If Game Republic's dedication to making Folklore's gameplay a bit more simplistic than its previous Playstation 3 title is any indication, the game may turn out to be that one game a lot of us have been waiting for…at least those of us yearning for a JRPG.

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Bebedora3832d ago

to test this, almost a sure buy at release.

Circa243832d ago

How do I make a Japanese account?

Is it difficult/illegal?

jahcure3832d ago

Just make anothe profile and sign up as your country being Japan. It's not illegal, only difficulty is trying to figure out what the fields to fill in mean, since it's not in english.

Frulond3832d ago

you can find step by step guide to make a JP account there

Blasphemy3832d ago

Why make a japanese account just to download this game. The game will problaby be here thursday to or next week at the latest.

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quiddd3832d ago

for this game and the title of the article was something like PS3 saying 'pah' to bland colors. Obviously refering to reviewers and others saying PS3 games have bland colors in thier games. I tried to post it here but it wouldn't let me. If someone can, it would be complete ownage. Funny noone is saying bland and PS3 anymore.

StrboyM3832d ago

I thought, Meh whatever, but since Ive downloaded the trailer from the Japanese psn store, i must say im very interested....looks great.

fenderputty3832d ago

The japanese really need games that cater to their likes.

Anyway, I think I'm going to have to set up a Singapore or JP account.

PS360WII3832d ago

This Friday!!!!!!! Awesome and at 1019mb ^^ should be a nice dungeon crawl

To Circa24: No getting a japanese account is not illegal. The only difficult part was getting an address in japan...but here's some help

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The story is too old to be commented.