GameTrailers: Heavy Rain Trophies/Death Interview

The most potent emotions captured on film make their way into video games in the upcoming PS3 game Heavy Rain.

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Greywulf3327d ago

To see the type of game it is. Its worth it if you can find it used, because you can see where the mistakes are, and see that they are trying to improve it with Heavy Rain.

Hideo_Kojima3327d ago

I can't wait this seems liek a game even people who
don't like games will like.

BYE3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Dude, I played through Indigo Prophecy almost in one sitting and enjoyed every single second of it.

Since then I'm waiting for my Quantic Dream fix ;)

Greywulf3327d ago

Im just sayin.. you know how people just buy on hype of what they should be hyped about because others are.. I know its lame and stupid.. but people do it.

Redempteur3327d ago

Already played indigo to death ( seen all endings ) so yeah it's DAY ONE for me ..

Unless i'm broke that case it will be DAY ONE + ONE HOUR

Chubear3327d ago

This game makes me feel good to be a gamer.

Persistantthug3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Because I can imagine how your getting all wrapped up in the story like a movie where the characters mom or son dies and everybody's crying, where even the viewer or reader of a novel is crying.....

then all of a sudden....



Morbidly funny. :P

Panipal20053327d ago

They'll have to figure out a way to toggle trophy notifications on/off before this game comes out.

coolfool3326d ago

but why does that mean I am hyped this game for hypes sake? I read the previews, the premise, seen interviews with devs and I am hyped completely for *this* game because of this game. For me, it has nothing to do with what has gone before and nor does it for me to be excited about the entire concept of this game.

I'm sorry I don't have the "heritage" of quantic dream but I still think that this game deserves hype regardless of what has gone before.

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xabmol3326d ago

Unless, of course the US version is edited. Then I'll have to import it and who knows how long that'll take. >.>

But hey, I gotta have the real version, ya know? The way it was meant to be. Not what the government says it's allowed to be.

LiquifiedArt3327d ago

Its good to see variety and people willing to push the envelope, regarding storytelling.

Ninjamonkey3327d ago

Ive never played a game like this before but its definately a good idea.

I love how this is like a film, mot just some random action film but one with a mixture of action and real emotion. But what will really make this superior to many films is that you always feel a part of it, you make the desicions.

And that will make every emotion so much more powerful. Much more than any film can ever achieve.

Whilst I love films games like these are just on another level. With the right directors and script writers games can easily exceed films in storytelling.

HDgamer3327d ago

Day one, definitely playing this game.

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