HELIOS harnesses PLAYSTATION 3 power for enterprise server solution

HELIOS' optimized Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 utilizes the IBM 64-bit 3.2 GHz Cell processor to provide a powerful state of the art Linux server for Sony PLAYSTATION 3

Leading digital workflow specialist HELIOS has tapped into the power of the Playstation 3 platform. The games console is powered by the incredibly powerful Cell processor, which is needed to run games in high definition and amazing detail. HELIOS has customised a version of Linux to allow its server suite to run on the PS3 hardware.

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Rhaigun4215d ago

All I hear about is people using the PS3 for it's computing power. When am I going to hear something a gamer actually cares about?

THWIP4215d ago

Finally the PS3 has a purpose. :)

progx4215d ago

Exactly, who cares about this crap? Wheres the game news?!

Saint Sony4215d ago

Price drop news would be more interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.