He's back: Edge Games's Tim Langdell goes after Killer Edge Racing

After acclaimed iPhone puzzle game Edge returned to the App Store a few weeks ago - Tim Langdell's lawyers having apparently "fled" - we hoped for the best. Mobigame's David Papazian gave a stirring account to Eurogamer.

"More and more companies who are suffering from Tim Langdell are joining the fight. It is just the beginning. But it is a strong signal to everyone," he said. "As you may know, EA engaged a legal action against him and we believe that more companies will follow."

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Hobgoblin3330d ago

He's probably doing it to save up all the money he's going to need when EA crushes him like the worm he is.

njr3330d ago

I'm surprised this trademark isn't too vague enough already for him to lose the patent.

artgamer3330d ago

I've never wished death upon someone, but this guy tempts me.

yog-sothot3330d ago

this man must have some king of psychologic problem... I think the doctors would say he is some kind of jackass (not sure of the exact scientific word)