Aliens vs. Predator Preview at Strategy Informer

From "Despite a long list of AvP films failing to set the cinema alight, there's huge potential in the classic hybrid formula. The games have followed trend, often resulting in remarkable anticipation until release day, where it becomes obvious that the title is going to warm the inner body of the bargain bin rather than the coveted belly of players' consoles. Each developer has seemed incapable of capturing what made the original Alien and Predator outings so memorable; a sense of isolation, struggle, and damn right fear that made humanity seem so vulnerable. Getting our first hands on peak at Aliens vs Predator once again filled us with excitement, as the premise could be so memorable if executed properly. Before long though, the doubts crept in, as a multiplayer session revealed that there is a lot of work to be done before this title is ready to tackle the might of the FPS genre."

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