Review: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier One of the Top Games of the Fall Season (Examiner)

Jak and Daxter are back at it again, but this time they'll be teaming up for an all-new adventure on the PSP and PS2. Taking place right after Jak III, Jak and company are in the search for useable eco – the oil of Jak's world more or less-and the only way to find some of this precious material is to travel to the edge of the world. On there way there, Jak and friends are attacked by sky pirates, random citizens of the world, and other interesting characters who all are seeking eco – whether it is dark or light eco.

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NateNater3330d ago

So does this mean its an 8/10 for the PS2 version too?

Abash3330d ago

Going to get on friday

Neo Nugget3330d ago

Solid score. It's on the PSN right now.

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