Gaming Trend: Band Hero (360) Review

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So where do we stand? Obviously the track list doesn't work for me, but I can't judge the game harshly for that - many folks will love a larger portion of these songs than I did. My complaint is the balancing in the game and the fact that this new title brings absolutely nothing new to the table. My wife brought up a great feature request that would have been easy to impliment - why doesn't this series have a ghost mode so you can see where you are adding or missing notes? (You can have that one for free Neversoft.) Feeling more like an unbalanced and watered down track pack, Band Hero didn't latch on for me like Guitar Hero 5 did. As it stands, this title just serves to further dilute the brand that, in my opinion, Neversoft had just started to really 'own' with Guitar Hero 5. At the end of the day, Band Hero feels a little like that massive bag of cotton candy you buy at the fair. Nostalgia tells you that it tastes great, but reality leaves you with a pink mouth and a stomach ache.

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