Street Fighter II bonus stages return in SSFIV

Capcom's been pimping Super Street Fighter IV ever since TGS kicked off, announcing new characters, stages, the works. Forget all that. The Street Fighter II bonus stages are back, instantly solidifying this the best Street Fighter game in close to 20 years.

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Ace_2353328d ago

Yay i remember playing those all the time on my genesis.

UnSelf3328d ago

ppl are to easily satisfied smh

hey capcom how bout a roster like Alpha 3's?

or maybe original OST's?

gauntletpython3328d ago

OMG YES! This does it for me! Screw characters and stages, bonus levels return.

mega BIG time3328d ago

I would fricken love if somewhere down the road.. Maybe super sf iv turbo 2nd strike collection we could get the original iconic stages updated!

gaffyh3328d ago

I actually like the bonus stages, I'm surprised they weren't in the game in the first place.

TheDeadMetalhead3328d ago

Question: Why was none of this in the original SFIV? -_-

hay3328d ago

It's all about the money and milking.

If they were in original SF4 I'd probably like the game and didn't sell it after few days of playing.
Right now Capcom can kiss my little, flaccid weenie.

"though Capcom encourages you to keep the original disc for some extra goodies."
Of course they do. Sell the same game with some tweaks when they probably had most of them ready for release with the original game for the same group that bought the SF4.
It's the prime example of how you shouldn't treat your fans.

Kushan3328d ago

You know you're all slamming Capcom for their tendency to hold content back for future updates, but haven't you noticed that quite a few games companies have been doing this lately under the guise of DLC?

Pentex3327d ago

Although that is a valid argument, DLC adds to an existing game to enhance it. What this does is make a new game altogether that renders SF4 completely useless.

JD_Shadow3327d ago

And DLC doesn't cost another 60 bucks like this probably will.

hay3327d ago

@Kushan: Yes, they do. Capcom is no exception and there's nowhere in the "slamming parts" mentioned Capcom is the only evil and this doesn't make them not guilty. But since it's the Capcom and SF4 news, no need to bring other companies here, so I don't fully get your motives on this comment.

It's simply screwing around core audience, the people who made the game happen, the ones who were first in line to buy it, the fans.
Yeah, sure, most of them will buy the enhanced edition too but It'll be just revamped SF4 with features that should be in the original game.

While other companies can be accused of this too Capcom is in front of being full of it. Demanding money for features that were on the disc at first, charging for costumes(they've pushed the fighting game with just 2 color variations per character, which is ridiculous. It's obvious how alternative looks have been a part of fighting games and they knew it selling them separately), and now SSF4 and RE5:DC or whatchamacallit.

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justlikeme3328d ago

I asked that question and why we only got one super a loooooong time ago... and remebered Capcom is all in it for the $$$$ F%%%%YOU CAPCOM!!

princejb1343328d ago

it would be cool if capcom changes the parry back to sf3 3rd strike
it would own

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