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Folding@Home about to hit a Petaflop

Earlier today Folding@home was at 905 Teraflops. Soon it should hit a Petaflop. The Playstation 3 was used in this project for one reason and one reason only. That is to help cure the worlds worse diseases through its super processing power. (Folding@Home, PS3)

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kingofps3  +   2984d ago
Wow! A Petaflop! Thats a thousand trillion floating point operations per second. AMAZING PS!!!
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Lord Anubis  +   2984d ago
It is amazing. The best part that all of that is in for a humanitarian benefits :)
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novaIS350  +   2984d ago
I just bought a 2nd PS3
I just bought a second PS3 for the living room (best blu-ray/dvd player). Now I have 2 PS3's and 2 PC's running F@H when I'm not using them. I my power bill still looks the same.
gta_cb  +   2982d ago
seriously? as i swear there was info on the PS3 using more power while running this program so obviously your bill must go up...
bootsielon  +   2984d ago
According to Ken Kutaragi
That should have been achieved with less than 500 PS3's. Didn't they say PS3 had 2+ TFLOPS of raw power? I guess they just fell short a little bit and it's 1% of that, more or less.

That's also funny, since they promised Xbox 360 would also deliver 1 TFLOP.

I know they're only using the processor for those calculations, and that they are using double precission most likely. Regardless, look how much power you're left with when you're doing relatively useful tasks, unlike single precission calculations.
peksi  +   2984d ago
I don't think they'd wanna do 100% cpu load :) That would ramp up the power consumption and nobody wants that 24/7.

I suppose seti @ home is similar to that? Using more like idle performance etc.
techie  +   2984d ago
They dont work out how many TF based on that. It's all relative, and they work out by the types of calculations the PS3 is doing. They had to downsize the number for the PS3 a couple of months ago, because it was out of proportion to PC's (mainly due to the ps3 doing specialized and genereal calculations)
warch1ld  +   2984d ago
That's great news. Imagine what those numbers will be at if the PS3 can manage the install base of the PS1 and PS2...
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gta_cb  +   2982d ago
pretty impressive i must say, although when these killer games come out i spose folding@home will get used less...
sonarus  +   2984d ago
Yea if the PS3 hits 10million i estimate at least 100,000 people folding at once. I mean if that wnt help find the cure for cancer what will
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2984d ago
Will folding at home cure my disfigured fingers?
I dont have cancer, so it wouldnt help me out there.

But if it could save a life, count me in.
Eldon3  +   2984d ago
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omfg_111  +   2984d ago
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Weed  +   2984d ago
I always wondered what came after tera... now I know.
GuCCi512  +   2984d ago
thats crazy
i do folding @ home most of the time i have 7 work units done so far
Fanboys are gay  +   2984d ago
folding @ home is a waste of energy i bet nothing will ever come out of it, it should be called increase global warming even more so @ home
techie  +   2984d ago
Have you done any research to back up that claim? ie. that folding is useless? Have you done as much research as all the scientific programs and professors supporting this? I expect not.
Arkham  +   2984d ago
"Fanboys are gay":
Go kick another puppy, Cupcake.
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Armyless  +   2984d ago
Folding@Home is an incredibly useful research tool.
Join the most powerful "distributed computing" cause today!
timmyp53  +   2984d ago
nice .... i dont fold much but i fold on the weekend when im not playing games....
like when i have to wash clothes or go to the supermarket for my mom or go to church. Wow... a Petaflop! I didnt even complete one working unit.... its sad i play videogames too much to stop but hey at least i did half a wu....right ?
GameJunkieJim  +   2983d ago
Well done Sony Fans.
This is pretty selfless and I applaud Sony for making this possible.

@Fanboys - Even if nothing comes of it, running the PS3 24/7 won't hurt the environment as much as say, a refrigerator.
Even if nothing comes from the project at all, it's still an effort and efforts deserve praise as well. I don't have a PS3 yet but I fold on my quad core, my P4, my P2, and my XBox (Linux mod).
gta_cb  +   2982d ago
cool, well done.

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