New Modern Warfare 2 UK TV advert

UK TV advert for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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swiftshot933329d ago

Also I can already tell that riot shields will be the sh1tty part of the multiplayer, just like martyrdom was in CoD4.

cronaldo73329d ago

Modern Warfare 2 - Sniper Mini tage - Quick Joe

Modern Warfare 2 - Second ! Montage - Quick Joe

swiftshot933329d ago

I really want to watch some of the vids but I cant spoil it. I remember going into CoD4 not seeing too many vids and only checked out the game literally to see what the hype is about. Needless to say the game is pretty much the best FPS I have played this gen.

Pandamobile3329d ago

Day 1 it hits The Pirate Bay. I'm not paying $60 for single player :)

wxer3329d ago

i 100% agree

f*ck activision

Pumbli3329d ago

@ 1.1 - It's like that line in the Pirate song from Lazytown "... being a pirate is alright with me..."

Day 1 piratebay download for sure.

TheDudeAbides3329d ago

in Europe we don't start with a month, thats ridiculous :D

bekum_aka_jarhed3329d ago

why the F they keep on puting xbox S*** ? ITS NOT EXCLUSIVE TO THAT CRAPBOX

RowSand3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

this is piss me off..why it say for xbox

iSynysteRx-3329d ago

Dont worry about it.
Further shows 360's lack of games with how hard they (MS) are trying to push Modern Warfare 2.. A Multiplat title.

Tragic story eh..

table3329d ago

360 is always one up on ps3 in their uk advertising especially on multiplatform titles although there have been alot more playstation ads as of late.

Megaton3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I saw one in the US last night, and at the end it flat out said "best played on the Xbox 360". It's getting the RE5 treatment. Only shown at Microsoft conferences, only advertised as a 360 game, special edition console.

I had been considering the MW2 360 Elite, since I'm currently without a "next gen" console (2 PS3's YLoD'd), but in all honesty it kinda turned me off to the 360 even more. The way they advertise is so damn underhanded and greasy. Plus the PC gamer inside me wouldn't be caught dead paying extra to play the game online.

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The story is too old to be commented.