Mia Hamm: Mom Gamer

WhatTheyPlay writes: "Even non-soccer fans know who Mia Hamm is: She captained three consecutive U.S. Olympic soccer teams to three consecutive medals (two gold and one silver), she scored more international goals than any other soccer player in history, and she's been called the best American soccer player ever. Since her retirement from the sport in 2004, she's concentrated on motherhood (she has twin daughters) and working with the Mia Hamm Foundation, which provides support for transplant patients and families and promotes the development of athletic opportunities for young women.

Mia recently made virtual appearances in two new soccer games from publisher Ubisoft: Academy of Champions on Wii and Imagine: Soccer Captain. We sat down with Mia to talk about how video games can encourage sports participation, what it's like being a mom, and how life after soccer is going."

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