PS3 Sales 'Very Strong' Through October, says GameStop

IndustryGamers writes: "After dropping the price on PS3 and introducing the new slim model, Sony finally managed to capture the top spot for hardware sales in the U.S. during September, selling close to 500,000 units. In Japan, the PS3 saw a 707% upswing since the price cut went into effect across the Pacific.

Despite a big (and much needed) surge from the PS3, some analysts questioned just how long it would last. After all, the Xbox 360 Elite SKU also came down to $299 and the Wii was dropped to $199. EEDAR said that the excitement for price cuts in September "wore off quicker than expected." Nevertheless, Tony Bartel, Executive VP of Merchandising and Marketing for GameStop, told IndustryGamers today that Sony's momentum was not limited to just September."

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wxer3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )


i would like to see those that was saying that the sales well drop after the first week

add to that i would like to see the look on MS face after that damage control were they was saying that the PS3 sales well go down


3327d ago
Cyrus3653327d ago

While I agree with almost everything you said, I think 360 is in this battle as well, only like you stated price point, and 360 has a cheapest console out of them all with the 199.99 arcade, well I guess as cheap as the wii.

PirateThom3327d ago

The 360 has been the cheapest console for a long time now. It doesn't really matter, what matters is affordability. The PS3 price drop brought the PS3 into the range of a larger consumer group, while the 360 hasn't really changed at all.

cmrbe3327d ago

I am with Pirate. Yes the x360 will still do well in NA but everywhere else not so much.

x360 is past its peak. There really is nothing left for the x360 that will attract new gamers. Its hardware is ageing fast for a suppose HD console. Its major games are already out and its has been 199 for over a year now. Xboxlive is perhaps their biggest draw for new gamers but the thing is the PSN is imporving quite fast and the PS3 is the better media player in anycase.

The x360's times up. Its the PS3's time to shine. In coming months you will see what i mean.

Cyrus3653327d ago

I was definitely talking only America, as in Europe/Japan, you know the story there.

But in US, 360 has a fighting chance...I agree with Pirate and yourself, 360 at 199/299 has probably exhausted most consumers who were willing to "jump in", while Sony at the new 299 has just started grabbing all those people who were waiting on a price cut or who were on the fence...

But if say 6 months from Msoft dropped it's price to 149/249, it'll attract a whole new range of people, just like any price cut would.

Cold 20003327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

The PS3 outsold the 360 by 150 000 units in the USA at the peak of the PS3 slim hype.

Now lets wait for the October NPD and you'll see that 150 000 gap shrink like it almost never existed.

Mark my words, bookmark this post or whetever and just wait.

@cmrbe: "The x360's times up. Its the PS3's time to shine. In coming months you will see what i mean."

See you in the next NPD :)

HolyOrangeCows3327d ago

PS3 owners will be playing a multitude of awesome games, while Xbox only owners are playing DLC and Forza.

But, I know these new sales have been tough on you and the cult of sales, and denial is your only hope.

Unicron3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

See you in the next NPD :)

Yay! I play numbers too! It's my GOTY! A winner is you! =)

Kinda sad when ALL you have to talk about is sales instead of how awesome the train level was, or how great that last race was, or how amazing it is to travel from moon to moon. You "new age" gamers sure are silly with all your statistics and percentages and yearly growth and profit margin talk. I guess I just don't fit in no more with the cool kids like Cold there...


Cold 20003327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Funny u call me out.

The only ones in last months NPD were PS3 fanboys.

The first ones up in here are Sony fanboys.

The only ones up in here chatting about sales are Sony fans.

Lol u fail dude.

Once again see you guys next NPD :)

Sevir043327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

because you seem really hurt... we already know whats gonna be expected. The PS3 is Selling like it should have been selling since it launched. get over it. I'm sure you have some 360 games to go play for your 360. and thats funny saying PS3 fans were the only ones in last months NPD. I'm pretty sure you were in it doing your damage control because you had to have been in there to know that PS3 fans were there. :) you are sad.

Godmars2903327d ago

The thing is to you "almost nothing" could be anything from 90K to 140K. SO why bother marking your words?

kws10653327d ago

recent NA ads for 360 shows "Xbox 360, now $100 off" but now they change back to "Xbox 360, from 199."

Maybe some consumers complaint and said "Hey, MS. You said 100 bucks off but it's still 199!"

HolyOrangeCows3327d ago Xbox fanboys weren't crying and saying:

"It''s just teh fad....*SOB*...the Xbox will sell more next month!"

Oh right, you're doing that HERE, too.

pharmd3327d ago

i expect very strong sales all the way through the holiday.....

sales of all consoles will dip at the beginning of the new year, but watch for the ps3, especially to pick back up very strong come March 2010 w/ GOW III and GT 5..

sony has the momentum and also has the greatest potential of keeping it for the long haul


Unicron3327d ago

"The only ones in last months NPD were PS3 fanboys."

You mean like the first ones in every NPD otherwise harping "teh ps3 am doomed!" being 360 fanboys? Yup, oh no, the big bad PS3 fanboys tossed back a taste of their own medicine. Boo hooo hooo. Don't play the victim card then spend almost every post starting crap with PS3 fanboys or whining about crap.

I'm glad the NPD can bring you such comfort though. Let me know when the overpriced NPD DLC comes out too, maybe that can keep ya busy.

jut4203327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

I'm no expert analyst, but all these recent promotions from Microsoft seemed like they came out of the blue. I mean I've been following gaming news since the PS3 first came out and I don't think MS has ever had so many promotions so close to eachother. I think they were shocked to see the PS3 sales keep momentum and eclipse the 360's numbers in America. It leads me to believe that MS is just trying to keep pace with the PS3. First it was an immediate price cut...Then it was a $50 rebate and now it's get $100 gift card...and also giving away points to random people. I mean can anyone here honestly remember this many promotions going on in this short period of time? I own PS3 and 360 so I try to follow all of each of their news and I never remember them giving back so much. It just makes me think that they are getting desperate because all of those promotions all occured within a month after PS3's price cut. I mean all these things are great for the consumer it just seems like MS is relying less on quality games and more on telling people how much they save when buying the console.

Marceles3327d ago

"You mean like the first ones in every NPD otherwise harping "teh ps3 am doomed!" being 360 fanboys?"

And not to mention the one week the 360 sold more than PS3 in Japan while the Slim was coming, and all of a sudden the PS3 was doomed in Japan by the media lol. Gotta love double standards, I don't know why any fanboy side accuses another of anything because there's always a counter to the argument and it always goes both ways.

Cold 20003327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

It dont change the fact that:

1 - The only ones in last months NPD were PS3 fanboys.

2 - The first ones up in here are Sony fanboys.

3 - The only ones up in here chatting about sales are Sony fans.

Cant wait for the next Sony fanboy (like u for instance) to complain about 360 fans talking about sales when it wont be in favor of the PS3 lol.

@jut420: I dont know about the USA but in EU its like that every year starting from October till Xmas.

FlipMode3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

"The only ones in last months NPD were PS3 fanboys."

-Wrong, there were many 360 fanboys like JOY & Soxfan doing damage control about how the gap should have been bigger.

"The first ones up in here are Sony fanboys."

Obviously, its about PS3 sales.

"The only ones up in here chatting about sales are Sony fans."

Obviously, its an article ABOUT PS3 sales.

Unicron3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

I agree Marceles.

Oh and Cold...

I can't wait for a 360 fanboy, say yourself as you make it so painfully obvious, to actually pull MS's phallus out and talk about games instead of sales. Would be freaking amazing. I could care less where Sony is at, I don't work for them. What I DO know, is that their 2009 lineup puts MS's to utter shame. There's a FACT for ya. Enjoy your NPD, I'm enjoying the most contenders for GOTY 2009. ;-)

Do you remember games? No? Aw, that's okay, I'm sure those pie charts will keep ya company.

gaffyh3327d ago

@cold - you really are showing your fanboyism, of course sony fanboys would be in this thread, IT'S A STORY ABOUT SONY! Why are you in the thread when you don't even have a PS3?

On topic- I doubt the sales gap between PS3 and 360 will be anywhere near 150k this month, in fact i'd be surprised if it is even 100k. But this story is pointless without figures for this month.

Cold 20003327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

"The first ones up in here are Sony fanboys."

Obviously, its about PS3 sales.

"The only ones up in here chatting about sales are Sony fans."

Obviously, its an article ABOUT PS3 sales."

The funny thing is 360 AND PS3 articles theyre the ones :)
It doesnt matter to PS3 fanb0ys.

@Unicron: lol dude give it up already, I dont really care that you're a PS3 fanboy so you can stop pretending already, I promise you're not fooling me a single second so dont waste yr time.

Anyways Im off to Forza 3 again, cant get enough. Have a great time chatting about sales while I actually go play some videogames :)

Ragz0173327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

= R | A | P| E

edit - forgot agent..

Unicron3327d ago

LOL dude, I dun really care, ur a 360 fanboy.

Enjoy ur "definitive" racer. lulz.

I'll also enjoy your hypocrisy when you're one of the first children posting come NPD doing some major spinning.

Thanks for the laugh son.

OnlyOnN4G3327d ago

Cold2000 = la chance, if you hadn't already guessed

On Topic

Good for Sony and Playstation

Unicron3327d ago

Gah, silly me. I should have just blocked him. Time to rectify that mistake.

FlipMode3327d ago

"The funny thing is 360 AND PS3 articles theyre the ones :)"

Funny you should say that because in this article about Sony losing money, you were the first to comment, and even made a dumb comment about them not profiting even though they are.

Yeah you could say its not exactly sales, but you were the one who said you don't comment on the PS3 and Sony because you don't like them, yet you always do.

Ravage273327d ago

I still say there's a chance of outselling the 360 in US, though worldwide PS3 sales will still overtake 360 regardless.

eagle213327d ago

PlayStation can't be beat by a old :)

cmrbe3327d ago

weather the x360 at 159 will do much more for the x360. Once you are past the mass market price its the value that matters to gamers and not so much the price point because its already cheap. What consumers will look at is hardware and software value and not so much the price.

The thing is, the x360 doesent have a backlog of franchise from last gen to rely on later on their console cycle. Every one of the xbox franchise are on the x360 already and there is very little left for MS content wise to attract new gamers.

Sony still hasen't even brought most of PS2 and PS1 franchise yet to the PS3 which i believe will keep sales momentum up for PS3 hardware sales in the long run.

Add the fact that Sony has more devs than MS and Nin combine as well as the PS3 hardware superiority people will overlook the x360 for the PS3 since the x360 is the PS3 direct competitor.

I honestly don't see how MS can come back for this.

Sarcasm3327d ago

"Cold2000 = la chance, if you hadn't already guessed "

Ah no wonder he claims he has a PS3 and does the whole "I'm Neutral" thing but is obviously a 360 fanboy.

3327d ago
ultimolu3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Hey Cold2000, maybe you should change your name to Crying2000. Just a thought because I're spinning around there.

But anyway, of course sales are strong for the PS3. With strong sales come strong software sales as well.

Maybe the media could stop bashing for a change but that's just asking for the impossible.

And Unicron, that was some slick ownage. o_o

Remind me not to piss you off. >:P

TheDesperadoKING3327d ago

Goodbye Xbox fanboys, good bye Xbox, and GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!

SL1M DADDY3327d ago

And the sales have not gone up at all. The PS3 is still the most expensive and is outselling the others by a large margin. It only goes to show that the people want the PS3. Heck, it ONLY does EVERYTHING!

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oldskoolgamer3327d ago

Not surprising but I'm sure well still be hearing "teh ps3 n soniez is doomz

cmrbe3327d ago

When PS3 reaches 100m sold i will publish on N4G the top ten PS3 doom articles.

oldskoolgamer3327d ago

Lol sounds like a good read

fishd3327d ago

LMAO dude!
That'd be awesome!

Sevir043327d ago

why wait till then. at 50 million Sold you'd be sure as hell justified that the Console is Successfull

cmrbe3327d ago

I have seen some pretty amazing stuff that i just shake my head at what analyst and media people said then in the PS3 early days. Its not until HD eara is in full swing will people realise how shortsighted and stupid they were.

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Sevir043327d ago

So in the month of September and october. it'll be 900k+ sold in US alone. black friday and Christmas will be killer seasons for Sony... I cant wait to read their quarter 4 sales figures from all 3 companies.. This Holiday Seasons will be a hurtful one for fanboys wanting Sony to fail. ^^

Optical_Matrix3327d ago

Not surprised. Sony has a 140 million strong user base from last gen. Some (and I know many), now love off of Xbox 360 but there are millions who were waiting for this price drop.
And where else will you be able to play top Sony franchises God of War III and Gran Turismo for example. Loyal fans of the series aren't just going to turn their back on those franchises.
PS3 sales will continue to grow I think. In Japan, with FFXIII a month away, they will go through the roof no doubt. US, will probably happen when GOWIII and GT5 come out. And for Europe we'll see another surge when GT55 hits.

3327d ago