Tech2: Brutal Legend Review

If you're a die-hard Schafer fan, you probably own the game and love it for the quirky beast that it is. If not, stay away for there's far too much stuff coming out this month and the next.

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hay3325d ago

No GPS/minimap = boohoo. No Motor Forge shown on the map, while the game shows it to you by a camera pan = boohoo. Managing units in battle total b*tch? What? Location marks not visible? It's freaking huge spotlight in the sky.

There's no mention of pretty good storyline, and really neat legends to be found here and there. Absolotely no mention of solos, Druid Plow and some content to find and unlock.

No checkpoint between battles? BS. There's just no checkpoint during them.
Barren world? There's a lot of great stuff to see.

This is by far one of the worst reviews I've seen lately.