So Many Games, So Little Time - How I Survive

DualShockers writes: We're well into the fall gaming season - a time of year that traditionally sees some of the high-profile releases that we've been hearing about on a near-constant basis for the last year. With so many great games, how do you prioritize? Which games do you gravitate toward playing first? While that answer is different for each individual, I'd like to give you a glimpse into my mind - if you dare proceed...

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taz80803330d ago

Too many games at once dilute my experience, its like too much drugs!

DelbertGrady3330d ago

Games don't make you dance to techno music.

taz80803330d ago

Unfortunately most of my gaming is done on my 360 or PS3, WII COLLECTS DUST

Tomarcus3330d ago

Does Chad suffer from schizophrenia? I liked the article though.

Tomarcus3330d ago

I tend to let games just fall by the wayside, my backlog is TERRIBLE.

Chris3993330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

And I've been playing Aion as much as I can lately, which isn't helping.

Current backlog: 8 PS3 games (including Uncharted 2 - don't hate me, I'm working through it slowly :P), 13 or so PSP games and 1 360 game (Infinite Undiscovery, think that will be shelved indefinitely).

And apparently my DA: Origins preorder is coming in tomorrow. Err, yay?

At this point I'll probably catch up on my backlog once the NEXT generation starts. This is how it always goes for me.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3330d ago

dont even get me started on this

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The story is too old to be commented.