Gaming Age: DJ Hero Review

Gaming Age writes: "So last week had me welcoming a new plastic, wireless, music-based peripheral into my home with the arrival of my DJ Hero turntable. Oh, and it came with a game! DJ Hero from Activision and developer FreeStyleGames is the newest entry into the music rhythm game genre from the publisher that has made you either hate or love music based rhythm games with their smash hit series known as Guitar Hero. FreeStyleGames is new to the genre outside of a title called B-Boy that I haven't had the chance to play, so this is a pretty new venture for them, and it's actually a really well done attempt at bringing some semblance of the DJ world home to gamers. Obviously it's not going to teach you to scratch on an actual turntable, but it's way more involved than I had thought it would be, and I actually found myself enjoying this quite a bit more than the most recent efforts from the Guitar Hero franchise."

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