New Mass Effect Screens

Check out new screenshots of Mass Effect for the Xbox 360.

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TnS4217d ago

Moron, find us bigger images. :)

Dr Pepper4217d ago

Just look at the detail in the second picture. Amazing.

Eternal E 8084217d ago

with everything with no answer to why and if they did say something it would be something stupid and fanboyish.but anway this game is looking better and better by the day its making these fanboys scared.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4217d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Looks as good as an expensive CGI movie.

EDIT aahh IBLEEDBLU are you jealous? Are you going to go sign a petition to try and get this game on the PS3? You know when you look at screens of Mass Effect you wish it was in the PS3, hell I bet it makes you cream your jeans. You need to wipe those Sony lies off your glasses so you can see better.

Below are screenshots of a CGI movies. The first one is of Final Fantasy the second is one of Sonys movies Open Season (OUCH! thats got to hurt) and the third is Mass Effect. Enjoy you just got so freaking PWNED! There is also a video just for you.

SF49er4084217d ago

If this was the fully maxed potential of the 360 id be perfectly happpy but the sequal will look even better. the detail on their faces is getting better every time i see it. This is beyond next gen and its only a few months away.

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The story is too old to be commented.