Video Game Addiction -- 5 Extreme Cases

Though not officially recognized by the psychiatric community, video game addiction is very real. Here are 5 cases where the phrase "just one more level" took an extreme turn.

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xxPIETROxx3327d ago

just watching the vids now, its really interseting. i myself have just broke my 8th ps3 controller so i know what its like

xxPIETROxx3327d ago

i realised its more about addiction lol not getting angry XD

Excalibur3327d ago

Its a behavioral addiction that is often compounded by ADHD or similar disorders. The addiction could be oriented around TV, comic books, music, cleaning the house, sex, etc, any repeatable behavior that gives the person some kind of mental, physical or emotional stimulus. There is no addiction catalyst that has been identified by the APA that is unique to videogames. That is why the APA does not recognize “video game addiction” as a valid condition.

I will stick to my opinion that these people they refer to are already unstable and it could be anything in life that sets them off.
You took away my CD collection so I’m gonna kill you.
You took away my Comic book collection so I’m gonna kill you and so on.
Out of the hundreds of crappy things you hear about in a day/week/month/year, a video game just happened to take the blame in that particular instance.

MasterKen3327d ago

And you wouldn't be wrong, but if it's a game addiction that "sets them off," it's game addiction the lens needs to be focused on. Let's not forget that video game addiction doesn't by its nature equate to real-life violence.