Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom screens

Two new Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom screenshots from Ruliweb's interview.

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beans4216d ago

Nice looking game! I really want to see this in motion and hope it's the game they set out to make!

PS360WII4216d ago

I thought this was an rpg.. looking at those two screens it looks like it's going to be a hack and slash though... am I confused?

dominusbellum4215d ago

you have your army and you take it up against another army and you have such things as calvary and arcers and such it looks like they are taking it in a new direction though it might be an rpg in the sense of god of war(not saying this game will be that good) that you hack n slash but you can level up your swords and magic abilities

MK_Red4215d ago

The game looks good. Ihope it distances itself from Dynasty Warriors games as much as possible.

Auron4215d ago

Its been too long since I've heard anything on this game