GamePro: C.O.P. The Recruit Review


"This game's scope is big and impressive, especially considering it's on the DS; Draw-distance and frame-rate hold up well; Gameplay variety is sprinkled in here and there
CONS: Game has been approved by the most conservative of moms; Your car's four wheels won't want to leave the ground; too much emphasis is put on menu navigation"

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SpoonyRedMage3330d ago

Hmm, the trailers and gameplay footage have shown that cars do leave the ground when you go over bumps fast enough.....

GamePro are full of crap.

kingdavid3329d ago

It does show how biased these sites are to reputable developers. If this had GTA in its name, it would got a 5.

Chinatown wars was very overated by the critics. Got bored after a day with it.