Gran Turismo 5 Scans

New scans of Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) from Joypad magazine.

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SonyRules3618d ago

I think the truth about the games available now is very interesting, and it shows how the PS3 is a huge waste of money.
1. The number one game on the 600-dollar system is a game I had on my 360 long ago.
2. Out of the top 20 games on the PS3, only 2 are not on my cheaper 360.
3. There is only one game above a score of 88 on the PS3 and it is on the 360 too.
4. That is right, not one exclusive for PS3 is above 87.6
5. The xbox on the other hand has 3 exclusives higher than any PS3 exclusive.
6. The xbox also has 6 games in the 90’s vs. 1 for PS3 witch is Elder scrolls and even it ranks better on the 360 version.
7. The xbox has 9, that’s right 9, exclusives in the top 20 VS. 2 on the PS3.
8. Who in the world would pay 200 more dollars just to play worse games? And fewer games? Just the ignorant as hell playstation only community.

TruthHurts3618d ago

first off why did you reply to him? and second virtual gamer is one of the best people on this site. he doens`t bash anything. yes, he like his ps3. but he doens`t bash anything, ever.

Alvadr3617d ago

@ umbagumba

Deja Vu, ive seen your carbon copy half-brained response before. Further more what does it have to do with these GT screens. Go spam somewhere else.

techie3618d ago

xbox360rocks: You see GTHD is a playground for GT5, where they've been showing off the models they have created. ANYWAY, yes most of the images are GTHD. And without a appears a full GTHD might be coming out before GT5 (or could just be GT5 prologue) Anyway, lots of nice information about it has been posted, which I'm sure you saw. Like damage, dynamic weather, 12-20 player online.

kingboy3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

just read the scans and it confirms all that in the interview

Note that those large cover pics are taken from GTHD not GT5 ..GT5 screens are the ones running on their dev kit desktops.

PS360PCROCKS3618d ago

yea I know that GTHD is the beforehand early work of GT5. I just thought it was weird that they say GT5 scans and their GTHD so in my head its still really not the same. I really wanna see the game when it's moving along with more things on screen and all that stuff to see what they can truly do.

techie3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

quite a few of the screens are GT5 dude. Aka the incar shots. ps. a lot of the models are gt5

to below: they concentrate on drift in GTHD, so I say "yes"

eLiNeS_NIGGER3618d ago

Will they make drifting realistic?? i remember in GT4 that drifting was very hard to come by, they designed the game against the drift. And if you did drift you would get that horrible snapback understeer. In my opinion GT4 was really only for grip racing, i just hope they push the limits in GT5, i respect your respect for the


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Premonition3618d ago

It seems this game will be great, looking at the screenshots and the real race car drivers testing out the game, and probably giving back feedback, which then would be used to even better the final product.

kingofps33618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

The development house looks packed with stuff (as it is always looking at the video I pulled from my Japanese PSN account).

More importantly, is there any free software out there that can translate french to english from a magazine scan?

And they sure look hard at work . lol

closedxxx3617d ago

I didn't read the captions, so that may have been addressed, but that fool was f*ckin' SLEEPING hard at his desk. Funny

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