GameTrailers: Dragon Age: Origins Review

Has the age of dragons begun with BioWare's return to Fantasy RPGs?

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Apocwhen3326d ago

Really Good score. I want to get it for PS3 but just don't think I'll have the time for such a large game.

FCOLitsjustagame3325d ago

"Borderline absude length...". Yeah, I don't have time for this either, but its apparently not going to stop me from rushing out and getting it.

I think I may save it for my week off of work at thanksgiving though and finish Borderlands first, go to Modern Warefare.... maybe sneak in a little Assassins Creed or Forza and then hit up on Dragon Age.

Though I want to not rush Assassins Creed 2 the way I did with one. But Modern Warfare, if its like a lot of shooters, I should be able to get one playthrough done in a weekend. Of course I may want to do more then one playthrough...

Dragon Age is the game of all the games I really want, but the hardest one to stick into my schedule. I wonder if I will get all of this stuff done before Mass Effect2/Bioshock2 comes out.