An Indian's Take on MW2's Airport Massacre: F**king Deal With it Already

Split-screen: "A year after Mumbai's worst terrorist attack ever, the news arrives of Modern Warfare 2 featuring a level wherein five Ultranationalist terrorists enter an airport and begin mowing down civilians in a manner meant to resemble the Mumbai massacres. With Activision's blockbuster worldwide release nearly coinciding with the anniversary of the attacks, I thought it best to summarize one Indian's take on any controversy this is meant to create."

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Elven63330d ago

This guy does realize the Call of Duty series despite the developers saying otherwise as always been a "John Rambo" type of game? Hell, even the airport sequence gives you a Rambo feeling when you mow down an entire armored SWAT team using little to no strategy.

When you shoot the civilians,

- Do their animations reflect how a real person would act? (from the looks of it, the civilian A.I. when injured is essentially a clone of an armed enemy)
- Do they beg for their lives?
- Do some try to attack you?

Also, this author is a prime example of this level NOT doing it's job, you aren't supposed to be enjoying killing the innocent, it's supposed to make you feel emotions of sadness, anger, etc not of enjoyment like he says he will. Similar to the scenes in Call of Duty: World at War where you are forced to kill surrendering soldiers, you can't save them but are given the choice of how you want to kill them.

Nike3330d ago

Unlike the first Modern Warfare (and World at War), Modern Warfare 2 is shooting for a more Hollywoodish experience. Die Hard is referenced in the above article, along with Reservoir Dogs. Do either of those strike us as realistic? Grisly, maybe but not realistic. But nonetheless enjoyable. Too much realism is not really essential in that case.

Mirroring the real behaviour of citizens when faced at gun-point - there's really no need for the nuances, those rare occassions of that one lone citizen fighting back or begging for their life. It would have distinguished the sequence from other areas of the game where you shoot people and they fall and die, but the feeling of power - of being a terrorist just, terrorizing people - THAT's what they want the gamers to experience. Along with the sadness, pain, et al of seeing all this from the terrorists perspective.

Opinions vary. Most people may be offended by the idea, as I was of GTA at first, but when you get right down to the game, it doesn't really matter. Because it's just a game. The feelings are real - which is the main goal of the level - but the dead bodies aren't.