Scamco strikes again: Ludicrous Vesperia DLC hits PSN

Oh Namco Bandai, is there any type of DLC that you won't be ashamed to sell us? Tales of Vesperia is rocking the PS3 in Japan, and that means it's time for Namco to do what Namco does best -- try to sell lazy digital crap that only a moron could justify spending money on. Want to spend thirty bucks on fake clothes for RPG characters? Scamco has made it possible!

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Julie3333d ago

Sad stuff :( they should stop doing that

gaffyh3333d ago

It is a rip off, but whatever business is business. This DLC will not make you better in the game, so it isn't really a scam. Also the people that even consider buying this stuff, to be honest, they deserve to be scammed.