PS3 beating Xbox 360 for VOD content

Sony has laid the VOD smackdown on Xbox 360 by announcing it now has 40 studio partners offering movies to its on-demand service – making it the biggest provider console-wise of downloadable content.

Although the service is yet to reach UK shores – it's expected sometime this month – the amount of content available in the US version of the service is a pretty good indication of what to expect.

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zootang3325d ago

They say a november release for the UK. Well we are in november and we have yet to have a date. I think it's gonna get pushed back again:(

butterfinger3325d ago

we are only 3 days into the month. lol.

dazzalfc3325d ago

Exactly, its only the 3rd, give them a chance :D

zootang3325d ago

I just get too excited! I need to compose myself

Anon19743325d ago

Canada throws ridiculous barriers in the way of getting this type of thing. No VOD at all with the PS3 yet, and even the 360 video store was over a year late and is severely gimped in selection compared to what's offered south of the border. Mind you the cable companies are all allowed to offer VOD. Go figure.

Zydake3325d ago

You want the video store. I want vidzone. Everyone doesnt win ;(

NaiNaiNai3325d ago

Ahhh, thats what free gets you...delays.

vhero3325d ago

MS this month has been beaten in their own back yard. Not only has there "biggest announcement" of last years E3 now meaningless Sony has more VOD content something MS have always been proud of I bet Aaron Greenburg will be sat there saying something like "you can still get quality unique content on the 360 in full 1080p HD" or some crap. Thing is Sony own a movie studio so technically MS were trying to beat Sony in their back yard and eventually Sony had enough and slapped them about

nbsmatambo3325d ago

NetFlix + SONY VOD + Sky (which they said is coming soon) = Smackdown of the X360

Feihc Retsam3325d ago

My Tivo is beating my Xbox360 in VOD content as well... Because I use my Xbox360 to play games.

WMW3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

what is your $50 subscription getting you facebook, twitter, netflix, online play and downloadable games hmmm ps3 dose all of this for free so i wonder how stupid you must feel paying for it and on top of the ps3 is better at doing most of these things so your paying for an inferior online service thats just sad.

@ Feihc Retsam
only an idiot would buy something for one feature? so do you have a cell phone that only makes calls? a computer that only goes online but can't play music, movies, and games? a car that only drives no radio or any other features? i think you get my point see how dumb it is to buy something that cost lots of money(the system, live, controllers and games) for one thing.

darthv723324d ago

They must have thought live was such a great service to model theirs after. Way to go sony. anyone really surprised at this?

Sony has connections with studios because they own studios themselves. Using their connections to secure content providers is what sony does best. We get the best of what they have to offer.

Traveler3324d ago

Well, many of Sony's TVs have loads of VOD and streaming video features (like Netflix) and I knew it was only a matter of time until they brought that stuff over to the PS3.

With the great amount of content in the PSN video store, along with Blu-ray capability, DVD upconversion, and now Netflix streaming, the PS3 is hands down the strongest console in terms of multimedia capabilities.

I also prefer to rent movies from the PSN Store over Xbox LIVE Marketplace simply because they use actual dollar amounts, instead of the stupid Microsoft points system that the later service relies on.

SL1M DADDY3324d ago

From all the Xbox Fanboy spin going on above me here. Let's just all admit that Sony is killing MS in what was once MS's arena. Now VOD and games are in Sony's court and the content is far better than anything MS ever offered. Rather than complaining or spinning the issue, go out and buy the PS3 and enjoy a real and reliable console.

4point7BillionLoss3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

with a 4.7 billion $$$$ deficit ....

Hill_billy3324d ago

Look at the butt hurt MS fanboy above. ^^^

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iceatcs3325d ago

Wow how thing has changed.
I remember MS was proud with their own VOD and they thought Sony will never get own VOD because of Blu-ray. I think Netflix service spoiled them.

TheEvilDebo2U3324d ago

my problem with buying movies on xbox is that I feel like I already paid my way in the movies. I should see the show for free.
*serious face*
+ Psn movies work better for a person with a psp like myself.

divideby03325d ago

wow and MS went gaga over announcing netflix.....

CryWolf3325d ago

Sony is awesome how their gaining more movie studios on their VOD service this shows the true power behind the PS3 as a Entertainment device and not just a gaming system.

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