Xbox 360 with $100 Card for $200 This Weekend? - Rumor

A retail tipster sends word that Walmart will be selling an Xbox 360 Arcade with a $100 gift card for $199 this Saturday.

The retailer will also be selling a Sony BluRay player for $148, according to our source, who included an image from the retailer's computer system showing the deals.

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Elvfam5113331d ago

it's a rumor

Giftcard can be use to buy a $50 game and $50 for Live

aliveinboston3331d ago

$99 360 Arcade with $100/yr for Live would be profitable and provide lots of sales and profits for Microsoft's struggling Xbox division.

Even today, a lot of 360 owners only buy Live month-to-month so they pay close to $100/yr anyway.

ABizzel13331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

$99 Arcade
$199 Elite
$299 Bundles

Would put MS back in the game. But if they do decide to increase Live to $100 for this then gamers are going to be in trouble because you'll be paying way more in the long run.

They should make a Platinum account $50, and make Gold free dropping silver in the process. That or drop the price of Gold. Raising the price to $100 spells doom no matter what. If it succeeds everyone's going to start charging for online, if it fails MS online community will disappear which could end the 360.

Anywho hopefully the rumor about the $100 Gift Card is true. If so I'll be at Wal-Mart.

Mr Logic3331d ago

This is actually quite tempting. I might just get a 360 and just play multiplat games offline.

aliveinboston3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Dude, seriously, even at $50 a year for live they are paying way more for the 360 than Wii or PS3.

Plus PS3's online multi-player is much more reliable and has less lag because of the dedicated servers (100% FREE) while Live, something they force you to pay for, is actually just P2P!!!

zeeshan3331d ago

I think a $99 Xbox360 at this point is extremely difficult BUT, with the giftcard, that's basically what it's costing you which is a pretty sweet deal if it's true. This should put M$ back in the game and sounds like a desperate but an effective way to stop Sony from totally kicking butt this year, however, if this deal does turn out to be real, it also tells you how worried M$ are because the Sony machine is simply on a roll here!

4point7BillionLoss3331d ago

$100 gift cards to sony ... thank you

UltimateIdiot9113331d ago

If you're going to get an arcade, you're probably going to end up spending that $100 on that overprice harddrive.

CrazedFiend3331d ago

Bend over, pull our pants down, and buy an ARCADE!

(open zone, comment #2)

soxfan20053331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Saying MS needs to get "back in the game" is like saying the Yankees need to get "back" into the World Series after last night's loss, even though they are still leading the Phillies 3-2.

Lifendz3331d ago

to get the thing for 99.99. That's a great price for a 360. And the hit on Live isn't so bad since the entry fee was only 100 bucks. I can get an HDD off Ebay and rent some 360 games during my initial three months of Live being free.

StanLee3331d ago

I think at some point we see a $174 Arcade and a $249 Elite making way for the $300 250 GB SKU.

zeeshan3331d ago

@soxfan2005: If you believe that American market is all that matters to M$ and Sony then really you need to think over it again. It doesn't matter if 360 is ahead in the US. It's almost dead in Japan and Sony has a little lead in Europe too. All this with a $400 and $500 price tag that PS3 carried for years. Now that it's more affordable, surely you'd expect to see the lead increase outside the US and the 360 lead decrease in the U.S.

So yes, M$ needs to get back in the game because Sony has proved that even with an expensive console, they have done a remarkable job and with a more affordable PS3, the Playstation 3 consoles is going to sell good... really good!

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komp3331d ago

Its to ensure people can buy the bits on the xbox to match the PS3 (apart from the optical drive) without it feeling like they are being mugged.

Its a good way of making the product look of value in a comparison and also it saves Microsoft from looking like they are weak/panicing and giving the optional parts for free. It is the same thing I know, just done in a way to save face.

El_Colombiano3331d ago

Look good in Value???

This will allow you to buy a God damned wireless card! Pathetic.

Troll_Police3331d ago

Wow, the kids don't want an Xbox for Christmas anymore so they have to give them away to get them off of the shelves.

Captain Tuttle3331d ago

You need to be more subtle though.

Troll_Police3331d ago

What do you mean by "nice try"? I simply told the truth. The PS3 is all the rage now.

Troll_Police3331d ago

Ummmmm, 2009 says hello to you. Trust me kid, when you let the past go your life will be a lot easier.

cheapndirty3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Well then, the ps3 outsold the 360 by about 150k units(in NA) with the new price drop. And that was with a fifty dollar mail in rebate from MS. If what you are suggesting is true, with a 100.00 gift card,then the 360 and ps3 may be neck and neck this holiday. Maybe even get outsold.

Sitdown3331d ago

that comment went right over your head. The funny thing is you say when I let the past go life will be easier....hmmm, wonder how much easier your life would be if you did not feel compelled to run in and out of forums waving Sony's National Flag. I see a new pro-360 headline about to be quickly now, go get it.

Troll_Police3331d ago

Don't forget that along with a $50 rebate, the Xbox had a $100 price cut as well and Halo ODST dropping in the same month and still couldn't outsell the PS3 being $100 more expensive. That says a lot. The PS3 will sell more consoles from here on out. It was only 150K units ahead in the U.S. but worldwide it was a massacre.

cheapndirty3331d ago

Yes it was much more world wide. I understood that ODST is not system seller since it was an expansion for existing 360 owners. If you think that you are one of the few pro Sony types that believes that.

On a side note this is a 360 article and you are here trying to undermine the 360on some level. And your name is Troll Police... ironic no? Arrest yourself?

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jahcure3331d ago

On the arcade unit at gamestop and do they give cash or store credit? And I mean for a brand new unit

Killman3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )


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