Pocket Gamer: Asphalt 5 iPhone review

Asphalt 5 does more to fill in the pot holes made by previous instalments of the series than pave a brand new path. Nothing more than a tune up was really needed, and with an expanded set of multiplayer options, new cars in the garage, and much improved graphics, this tweaked sequel speeds ahead of the pack.

A mix of street style and crash action, Asphalt 5 fully embraces arcade racing with events that rocket you through the streets of Honolulu and have you chasing down opponents to slam them against mountain cliffs in Aspen.

It's all about speed and decking out a garage packed with rides ranging from a modest Mini Cooper S to powerhouse Ferrari FXX Evolution.

The ability to upgrade each of these vehicles lends surprising depth to the game. Winning events in Career mode unlocks myriad upgrades, which can then be purchased for specific vehicles. Since upgrades do not apply generally to all cars in your garage, you're encouraged to pick and choose which vehicles to tune up with a limited pool of cash earnings. Factor in money needed to buy new vehicles and you'll have to be frugal to get that Ferrari.

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