Final Fantasy Tactics Concert To Feature Nearly Every Track From The Game

A group of performers from every corner of Japan is coming together on November 22, 2009 for a concert featuring nearly every song from the game, arranged and performed live. The organizers put the word out over a year ago for players, conductors, and production staff, and have tailored their arrangements to whatever they could get together. The show will feature 61 of the game's 71 songs.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3326d ago

WOW!! I wish I could go there!!!!!!!!

My most favorite music from the game is Under the Stars (Chapter 3, Orbonne Monastery battle with Izlude if I remember right)

FantasyStar3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

that battle is good memories. Izlude is one of the more pitiful characters though. Good intentions, bad execution.

SaiyanFury3326d ago

Hitoshi Sakimoto's score for Final Fantasy Tactics was perhaps his best in the history of games. He had a lot of great tunes in Final Fantasy 12, but I always loved Tactics' music more. I wish I could see that show.

Tony P3326d ago

Youtube a week later, I guess.

FantasyStar3326d ago

this game is my favorite mature-storyline driven FF games ever. easily one with a gripping plot with themes all around. it's funny how a game like this can age well. as well as a super mario game even!

CrippleH3326d ago

Indeed the story is much more complex then other FF. Especially Delita. I'll give the gameplay on SRPG to Disgaea though.

ravenl0rd3326d ago

That's a lot of music. Impressive.

3326d ago