Uwe Boll can't sell a role in Far Cry

Destructoid reports that movie abortionist and glorified pornographer, Uwe Boll, is set to direct a movie based off first person shooter Far Cry. Because he simply can't get D-grade actors to do their jobs badly enough, the good Mr. Boll has taken to selling a film role on Ebay, presumabely so that he can finally find himself the worst actor of all time - one so inconceivably atrocious, he has to purchase his own job.

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ThaGeNeCySt4189d ago

Uwe Bol needs to just stop it.

CAPS LOCK4189d ago

i just bought Far Cry today for £10 and i am installing it as I type...

MK_Red4189d ago

Poor Far Cry, another franchise destroyed by Doc Boll.

cdawson4189d ago

End of the line, Boll next stop 'rock bottom'.

Dr Pepper4189d ago

I would hope that no one would play the role even if he was offering to pay them. It would be a terrible career move.

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