European Charts

Three European nations, three sets of sales charts for the week ending May 20. Do try and enjoy them.

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Saint Sony3623d ago

What a total bullcrap.

"As you can see, if it wasn't Pro Evo or Nintendo games, Europe just wasn't interested. Not even a little."

Based on 3 countries? That's whole europe?.. ok, and Italy has Spiderman 3 on position 1 and 10?.. they really must like Spiderman3.

DADO3623d ago

We Europeans do not like the 360 or Nintendo.

SonyRules3623d ago

I think the truth about the games available now is very interesting, and it shows how the PS3 is a huge waste of money.
1. The number one game on the 600-dollar system is a game I had on my 360 long ago.
2. Out of the top 20 games on the PS3, only 2 are not on my cheaper 360.
3. There is only one game above a score of 88 on the PS3 and it is on the 360 too.
4. That is right, not one exclusive for PS3 is above 87.6
5. The xbox on the other hand has 3 exclusives higher than any PS3 exclusive.
6. The xbox also has 6 games in the 90’s vs. 1 for PS3 witch is Elder scrolls and even it ranks better on the 360 version.
7. The xbox has 9, that’s right 9, exclusives in the top 20 VS. 2 on the PS3.
8. Who in the world would pay 200 more dollars just to play worse games? And fewer games? Just the ignorant as hell playstation only community.

Russbomb3623d ago

(refer to flag)
so you speak for all europeans?
Do you, I'll admit that i'm not so fond of the 360 or the wii, but that doesn't mean that you can speak for all of europe. does it?

DADO3623d ago

I am not saying that in behalf of all Europeans. Most of the European gamers wold take a PS3 over the 360 any given day. That is just my opinion.
I lived in Croatia for 12 Years and in Germany for 8. To bad i never had a chance to go to Norwegen.

Russbomb3620d ago

but no I'm really not that mad but ignorance is not bliss. and geographical and nationality ignorance are not excluded.
Please tell me that you really knew it was norway and that you are pulling my leg because if you really believed that it was norwegen then you are truthfully, a foolish mortal.

kewlkat0073620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

for some body speaking on behalf of all Europeans on what they would rather, and including that, it's too bad, you've never been to Norwegan. maybe that was a typo, cause I am not from American either. I don't think anybody has been to NORWEGAN.

Bro you really can't speak for so many people, I mean we all know the PS2 has been Sony's goldmine the last 10 years, worldwide but I wouldn't go overboard.

I could understand MS not being as popular (YET) but you know how long Nintendo has been around?

masterg3623d ago

Well Im European..

I love the PS3
I like the 360
I can't stand the Wii

Maddens Raiders3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

to hear the ITR / Sidar / rebuttals / refutations. Commence!

achira3623d ago

i am european.
i love the ps3
i think the wii is ok
i hate the crapbox (poor quality sh!t from ms, the only good thing from ms is visual studio and age of empires, the best strategie game ever!).

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