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TPG writes: "Overall, this game isn't an unqualified hit, but it does manage to take what could have been a mediocre genre and basic play mechanics and elevate them to a higher level. Yes, there are issues with story, dialog, camera control and pacing, but don't most teen horror flicks have similar issues. If players go in with an open mind, ready to be underwhelmed, I think they'll be pleasantly surprised. I'd recommend a download if you're a fan of funny and creeply survival horror, and a purchase of the UMD (for resale) if you're not the replaying type. This is a game that will stay on my PSP Go for a time to come, as it's a pleasantly creepy way to spend a few dozen minutes of my time."

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bgrundman3326d ago

I heard this was a bit of a steamer on PC... why bother porting it to PSP?

Chubear3325d ago

you do know this series used to be on the PS2 right?

bgrundman3326d ago

Dumb rhetorical question: How exactly does one port a keyboard based game to PSP?

wondroushippo3326d ago

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Why Dat3325d ago

It was also on PS2, and the controls (IMO) were fine. In fact, I have it for PSP, and the controls are good too.