Icrontic: Shattered Horizon review

Icrontic reviews the first ever playable game from long time 3DMark developer Futuremark. The zero gravity first person shooter Shattered Horizon appears to be more than just a pretty tech demo.

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UPSLynx3327d ago

This game is absolutely beautiful.

I realized the shadows look so sharp because the game takes place in space. There's nothing to diffuse the sunlight, no clouds or atmosphere, so all shadows are very sharp and crisp. It gives the game a wonderfully bold look, very stark contrasts.

I hope the game pans out well with future DLC. There is amazing potential with this concept.

TheIneffableBob3326d ago

The shadows aren't actually super sharp in-game due to technical limitations.

UPSLynx3326d ago

I should clarify - not sharp as in edges. The shadows are still soft shadows. I meant more so in their contrast of colors. they're very dark and have a strong presence. In open space, sunlight is either all or nothing.

chrisWhite3326d ago

Spoken like a true CG artist. I totally agree, the game is absolutely beautiful and the space aesthetic works really well for the game and the engine.

Cliff Forster3327d ago

Not to mention the prospect of picking this up for a mere $19.99 on Steam. I'm sold.

primesuspect3326d ago

I've been that guy; for years I wanted to play the scenarios depicted in 3DMark.. To actually play a Futuremark game rocks.

Pandamobile3326d ago

Lol, I remember running 3DMark 06 with my dual 7600 GT's in Early 2007 wondering how awesome a game made by Futuremark would be too.

Nihilism3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

only a few maps and only 1 gun...

the award for benchmark-game-that-isn't-a-ga me-at-all of the year goes to.....shattered horizons!!! *spattered applause*

Pandamobile3326d ago

It's priced like an indie title, don't complain :)

Hey you got a bubble back :o

UPSLynx3326d ago

I don't view 'amount of guns' as a variable that determines the worth of a game. Shattered Horizon is definitely all there. It's a very fun game to play. Only having one main weapon does not invalidate it as a playable piece.

And only having a handful of maps doesn't change things either, especially at it's price. Consider Left 4 Dead which shipped with four maps, or Half-Life 2 DM which shipped with two maps. Both of these were matured by both the community and developer, and no one questioned their legitimacy in the beginning.

You'd be surprised at the amount of depth in the one rifle as well. You'll have to learn how to use the gun as a propulsion device, and counter the movments it makes for you when firing. There is good potential for 'advanced techniques' with the gun.

Potentially, if you power down suit, catch the spash off of a concussion nade, then fire your gun in the direction of the blast, you can move in speeds greater than your boosters. That's one example.

primesuspect3326d ago

Honestly, I don't know if you've ever actually spoken to a game developer, but the amount of work that goes into "just" a game like this is incredible.

It's $20. It's an indie title. I've spent worse money, that's for sure... (ahem Doom 3... )

chrisWhite3326d ago

Lynx, how balanced and well tuned are the levels already there? Are they really up to a Valve level? If so then a few levels sounds like a great start with a lot of potential.

UPSLynx3325d ago

Chris - more than you'd expect. Despite all of the maps being in the same environment, there is a good amount of variance to the designs.

One map is comprised of nothing but small, spinning chunks of moon. Another takes place on a larger rock, with a hollow center that you can traverse. Another is a massive rock piece with a base built into it, and the ISS stage plays like an open ended base battle in space with a handful of rocks thrown about.

They all play differently, especially considering the different game modes. Clever design is there, and that's a rather big saving grace.

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