What is the next best game in the world?

KN Writes: What's the best game in the world ever, ever, then? It's the question that has bugged millions for years upon years. Whilst just asking the three currently in the KN Office could give you a good fifteen answers ("Mario Galaxy!" "Secret of Monkey Island!" "Ocarina of Time!!" *Sounds of punches* "BRAWL!") it's almost certain that Super Mario World shall not be the most compelling and fun source of entertainment in the years to come. A 'better' game is going to come along, and it may be sooner than you think...

 And so, to test the theory, we've asked each member of our staff in the office at the time to provide a paragraph or two on just what they think is the videogame of tomorrow...

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UnSelf3328d ago

the next best game is Console Wars for the Nintendo Playstion 360 of course. Made by Naughty Epic Bungie Santa Monica Dogs