Ratings of Current Top 10 Seller Games

As part of SPG's ongoing Reality Check series, they look at the quality of the games currently listed in the Top 10 of sales for each system. As before, they are using MetaCritic to attempt impartiality and the listing of top sales is from (May 8, 2007).

X360 owners are currently buying the highest rated games, helped by Guitar Hero II being recently launched, good long term success of Gears of War and suffering through only one version of Spider-Man 3. PS3 owners are, unfortunately, picking up two versions of Spider-Man 3 in droves.

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TnS3683d ago

These are just numbers.

SonyRules3683d ago

I think the truth about the games available now is very interesting, and it shows how the PS3 is a huge waste of money.
1. The number one game on the 600-dollar system is a game I had on my 360 long ago.
2. Out of the top 20 games on the PS3, only 2 are not on my cheaper 360.
3. There is only one game above a score of 88 on the PS3 and it is on the 360 too.
4. That is right, not one exclusive for PS3 is above 87.6
5. The xbox on the other hand has 3 exclusives higher than any PS3 exclusive.
6. The xbox also has 6 games in the 90’s vs. 1 for PS3 witch is Elder scrolls and even it ranks better on the 360 version.
7. The xbox has 9, that’s right 9, exclusives in the top 20 VS. 2 on the PS3.
8. Who in the world would pay 200 more dollars just to play worse games? And fewer games? Just the ignorant as hell playstation only community.

kspraydad3683d ago

The fact that a group called the Sony Protection Group has the balls to show REAL stats that DON'T give props only to the PS3 is nice to see. As with their last Reality Check, I think the trend over time will be more useful.

DEIx15x83683d ago

Why is everyone buying Spiderman? It got a low rating for every console yet everyone wants it.

sticky doja3682d ago

Alot of people don't read reviews before they buy a game. And I'm sure there are alot of kids saying "mommy mommy! I wanna play spiderman!"

Plus if you read the previews it seemed a promising game. Too bad it didn't live up to it.

MK_Red3683d ago

Well thats it. Bad games help sell more consoles.

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