Capcom not Happy with Sixaxis

On Gamer.TV on Sunday there was an interview with the Head of R & D for Capcom. He stated that Capcom will not be using the motion-sensing capabilities of the Sixaxis controller in any of their upcoming PS3 games.

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"I thought that Devil May Cry was going to use it?"
Obviously not now that its coming on 360.
I bet they wanted to use it in there games but cant because they are now multiplatform. Man the 360 is definately gonna hold the PS3 back!!!

_insane_cobra4190d ago

Right, I guess that's the reason many multiplatform releases do support Sixaxis in their PS3 versions...

cdawson4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

haha foolish fanboy....

They're not using it because sixaxis is a joke, it sucks the point where including it was pointless. There hasn't been a worthwhile use of it yet and I don't see anything changing. The idea of it isn't even very good. It's like comparing Safeway cola to the real thing, in reference to the Wii nunchuk.

AcidRhain4190d ago

Developers are realizing that the "system selling" sixasxis is a gimmick after all. hmmm..

AngryHippo4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

I doubt it dude, strongly. In some respect i agree, i would like to see a ps3 title that truely does it justice but at the moment there is absolutely NO titles doing it justice!maybe in 2008 i think ps3 will truely take off and show what it can really do but until then i think this year 360 will dominate with its insane amount of killer games and AAA titles!If you have a ps3 dude add me psn AngryHippo

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BitbyDeath4190d ago

Are you kidding me?

Play Resistance, check out the Ratchet and Clank Demonstration from Gamers day, play Super rubadub, check out the videos of LittleBigPlanet, check out the warhawk beta.

Man i can keep naming more titles but you should be starting to get the point, the Sixaxis is shown to perform really well in all of the above games i had mentioned and it will only get better overtime.

ShAkKa4190d ago

when did an extra feature a became a bad thing? if capcom doesn`t want to use it that is their problem.

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nix4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

i'm guessing DMC4 does not have it cause there are no "planes" to fly? not as innovative as Wii? what was that?

please don't tell us that the actual reason was you were tying to balance the game because 360 does not have motion-control thingy.

we all thought DMC4 had sixaxis features... let's wait and see.

EDIT: @conan (above)

he he he... i agree... but i personally don't want to point the fingers right now. right now i'm on the "assumption" level. q:

GameJunkieJim4190d ago

That Capcom doesn't want their games to be gimmicky.

It's not like it's a Wii, where the whole controller was built from the ground up with motion in mind, the PS3 just added it as an afterthought. It works well, but you don't "need" it in anything (possibly Lair will fix that).

ThaGeNeCySt4190d ago

LOL plenty of other devs think otherwise and are putting sixaxis to good use so..

d'ah well.

cdawson4190d ago

Name one game that has proven to the market that sixaxis is not a waste of a developers time?

fenderputty4190d ago

Flow, Warhawk, lair, Reistance used it nicely, Folklore looks nice too. I'm sure MGS4 will us it well. Some would disagree but, I liked using it in motorstorm too. It's a lot of fun driving like that and adds to the gameplay.

All I'm hearing from this dev is, "we're not creative enough to think of good ways to use the sixaxis."

It can be done and is being done in some instances. I'm sure Killzone will also use the sixaxis as well.

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tehcellownu4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

capcom well there goin where the money is at right now..and microsoft is slappin them in the face with their green shovin up their rear..the fact that capcom did say devil may cry 4 will be usin the SIXAXIS then all the sudden change it is because their workin on both the ps3 and 360 version.they dont want to screw up gameplay for the dmc4 on the 360 since their is no motion sensing in their controller..

@5.1: what is the main reason that they take it out?? maybe motion sensing have to do somethin with gameplay or part of the game..and its more extra work for they probaly feel like since the ps3 installed base isnt big enoough why would they put the extra time into it?? a lot of devlopers is takin the easy way out..they rather go the 360..and what games are you talkin about??

If capcom dont like it they can go screw lot of people lost respect for them anyways..they let money control them..

ThaGeNeCySt4190d ago

I don't understand, how can they screw it up? You give PS3 motion control features, and you don't give 360 motion controls, simple as that. Games have already been doing this

GameJunkieJim4190d ago

They have more space on the disc as well so it's not like they can't or are worried about screwing anything up.

They just don't like the Motion control of the Sixaxis.

Bloodmask4190d ago

even try to insult Capcom because you are a PS3 fanboy. Capcom is one of the most renowned developers in the industry. It is stupid to say that a company goes where the money is anyway.......isn't that the whole point. The fact is that they were just stating their opinion.......ther is this thing called freedom of speech.....and I'm sure Capcom would have more than one bubble.