Double Jump Episode 12: Download Is The New Black

GrE writes, "Join us once again for our Network-wide podcast, pulling content and audio from Games Are Evil and The Portable Gamer to bring you the best of the week. Ewan's back, podcasting from some pub in the wilds of Scotland, kilt flapping in the breeze, bringing you the best of all Evils..."

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bgrundman3326d ago

I love developer interviews... Glad to see Carter could line some up for the podcast.

bgrundman3326d ago

I like the idea of more compilation podcasts like this. It gives you a good taste of what the podcast network has to offer.

wondroushippo3326d ago

They have alot of great content... just wish it was more timely sometimes.

roblef3326d ago

Yeah, bunch of slackers!

roblef3326d ago

This is shaping up to be a really good 'cast!

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