Dragon Age PS3, Xbox 360 under $40 Black Friday

Sears Corp. will discount EA Inc.'s Dragon Age: Origins to under $40 on Black Friday according to an advanced circular.

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Relientk773331d ago

Sounds like a good time to pick this up

Myst3331d ago

I hope I'm not working that day, and I rather hate going out on black Friday because everybody seems to revert back into wild behaviors around this time, but I may go out and get it if I can. Otherwise it won't matter to much if I pay full or the discounted price, looks like a game that is well worth the money anyway.

DonCorneo3331d ago

the graphics looks older than dragons

FCOLitsjustagame3331d ago

If I absolutly had to wait to get it on black friday for some reason, I would actually pay someone the $20 to go out and get it so I could avoid all the people.

That being said, I might as well just pick it up tomorrow at a nice quite Walmart/Target/Best Buy.