Are the PS3 firmware upgrades an effective pull to increase sales?

After a brief hiatus, The Sunday Showdown continues. Each week Ars Technica pick a topic, flip a coin to see which OT writer gets which side to debate, and then we present it to you. This week? Whether or not the PS3's ever-evolving firmware-powered feature list is going to be enough to increase sales.

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Antan4215d ago

For the mass audience the answer is no of course! for the tech savvy buyers i guess it would enhance the possibility of course. The new update has certainly gone down very well indeed with AV/serious peeps.

fenderputty4215d ago

But these updates are making current PS3 owners happy. That does affect the consoles sales to some extent. I know I've been telling all my friends. Most of them seem to think Sony is making their customers happy. Like I said ... it's not going to be a selling point but, it will have some affect on future sales.

nix4215d ago

...otherwise these little firmware (i know they all are good) might only please the tech savvies... ((:

Counter_ACT4215d ago

Firmware updates aren't meant to make people buy the console WTF. Theyre to make it better and add new features. Hardly meant to be a huge selling point until Home comes around like Nix says.

bung tickler4215d ago

most people dont even know about the updates, just fanboys, and they are gonna buy the thing anyways, games or not...

Premonition4215d ago

Just take out the fanboy and just put user of that gaming console, knowning about an update has nothing to do with being a "fanboy".


things like home will see ps3

And thanks for the peep who removed my bubbles

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The story is too old to be commented.