Dinosaurs are cool. Support Jurassic: The Hunted

Dinosaurs rule. That's why VGB are supporting Jurassic: The Hunted, a new budget game that Activision isn't backing at all for its November 3rd release on Wii, PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 at a price point of $30 for PS2 and $40 on the current-gen platforms.

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theroadtoruin3330d ago

dinosaur fanboy. nah but for real the game looks alright

Supa3329d ago

BaseballFan15: VGB has no affiliation with Activision for this game, otherwise it would have been disclosed on the page. It's like theroadtoruin jokes, total dinosaur fanboys!

Gamer_For_Life113172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

this game is fun and i see alot of people say it bad well if they really dont like the game dont play it the lvls might be short but its fun and its a dino game dose it really need a story line i just say to all the people that think this game is bad to think about it have they ever made a game before if you think about its not that easy the game needs some work but other then that is a fun game and the weapons are awesome to not every game is the best so enjoy the game im also. a dino fan! :D and it gets kinda of annoying having people trash games there here for us to have fun not to be for people who trash them cant wait for the next dino game o.o i speak for all dino fans stop trashing this game!!!!