Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Terrorist Gameplay Artful?

Now that we've collectively gasped and had a chance to pull the paper sacks from our faces, is last week's Modern Warfare 2 footage worth getting our camouflage in a bunch? Friendly warning, gameplay (less story) spoilers ahead. I don't think the reveal that you can <spoiler> ruins anything, personally, but some people don't want to know the sun might come up tomorrow.

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NateNater3329d ago

Are terrorists awful? Yes.

Therefore, does it make playing as a terrorist awful? Yes.

Its all just opinion people.

JeffGUNZ3329d ago

I think this is what IW is going for. They want people to think, they want them to get those emotions while playing, to make the single player campaign more personal and emotion packed. I think it's excellent. Again, that is why they rate these games and this one is M for Mature. Truth speaking, in the United States, you will NEVER make it 5 feet into an airport with a LMG's and Assault Rifles.

thisguywithhair3329d ago

Current security measures have stopped all but the most determined and cunning people. If you truly want to get weapons into an airport you will find a way.

AnttiApina3328d ago

I hope that this game does not have good nor bad guys. That would be a good change from the usual type of story that Call Of Duty series has had.